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Thoreau Essay

English Thoreau’s views and morals were very controversial, for he believed that being secluded from society is the best way to live. Thoreau believed in the simple life. He describes this lifestyle by how these people â€Å"will not be frittered away by detail† pg. 382. This means that others lives are based on repetition. People make their own lives busy. Thoreau believed by living a life based on simplicity, others can live in happiness away from society, for tradition, and conformity will be their ticket to success.Thoreau gives valuable advice in his writing. He states that being poor is a simple way of living. By not handling items that are valuable, the poor succeed more in life. They tend to succeed more than an average person because they do not have material things to possess their attention and focus. People are always going to do what the majority is doing. This may be the reason why Thoreau left the Walden Pond, because by living his life secluded, he thoug ht he would not be able to complete more in his life.By saying the statement, â€Å"I had several more lives to live. † He meant that staying by Walden Pond would not do him any good. He wanted his voice to be heard. Thoreau also gave ideas about tradition, and conformity. His ideas about tradition stated that older people will never change the way they do things because that is just how it has been to them. Tradition is hard to change, for it is always how something has been done and people will not stand out and change their views. They will not change their views because they do not want to stand out in society.Thoreau’s view on conformity is that people will do anything to look normal through the public’s eye. They may act completely different in public than they act at home, for they are scared to act out against others. They just want to be similar to everyone and avoid hard treatment. My view on Thoreau’s experience is he is crazy. It is unheard of a man to leave society and live in the wilderness for a long period of time. It is an odd thing to do. It is not a strange happening for one to leave for a short period of time to recollect himself, but leaving for a long time is unheard of.He seemed to think that his own personal welfare was more important than being social. He did not want to be caught up in the personal affairs of others, and leaving society was his way of staying secluded. By leaving society, living a life of simplicity is easy, for he truly was happy in his time being out in the wilderness. Thoreau’s views will be acknowledged among the greatest writers in the world. His views gave society an understanding on how to live. He learned how to deal with society and excelled in his work.

Aggressive Behavior of Marine Fishes

The notion of â€Å"survival of the fittest† of Charles Darwin denotes competition in the available life resources among living organisms. Biologists typically classify competition as exploitative or scramble competition and interference or defense competition (Reebs, 2008). In exploitative competition, the species explore every nook in the environment to search for the best niche, ample food supply or even the best mate.On the other hand, defense competition results when a particular species defend their niche, food stuffs, offspring, and mate against invading animals (Reebs, 2008). With these, animals show aggressive behaviors to warn other species or to defend themselves.Hierarchical Social Structure Among FishesChasing and biting are commonly observed among fishes especially when a new one was placed in the group of fishes in a tank or an aquarium. Aggressive behaviors are shown by dominant fishes in the group until such time that a certain order was attained within the gr oup where specific place for every fish has been defined (Reebs, 2008).This is called as hierarchy among fishes for a single fish dominates other fishes in the group. Since fishes not only spend high energy in fighting but also suffer injuries (Reebs, 2008), the attainment of harmony within their group through hierarchical social structure benefits them all.This phenomenon is observed among the school of salmonids, eels, centrarchids, catfishes, poeciliids, and other species (Reebs, 2008).In the hierarchy, the dominant fish tends to limit the access of subordinate fishes to available life resources such as food. As commonly observed in brown bullhead, salmon, cichlids, and medaka, the dominant fish chases subordinate fishes away from food resources (Reebs, 2008).Thus, they are forced to occupy the barren part of the habitat. As a consequence, fishes in the lower ranks are prone to stress due to annoyance and bullies of dominant fishes.This stress induces them to release metabolic ho rmones, as revealed by blood analysis of subordinate fishes (Reebs, 2008), that may affect then their physiological processes including growth and reproduction.The stability of the dominant status depends on the type of fish species. For instance, rainbow trout can remember their hierarchical place. Even if there will be a reduction in the physical strength of the dominant fish, lower rank fished would not attempt to take advantage and stage a coup (Reebs, 2008).On the contrary, catfishes in lower rank often look for an opportunity to dethrone the dominant fish as it shows weakness (Reebs, 2008). In the same manner, as the dominant males of cichlid guard the breeding areas, subordinate males always look for an opportunity of entreating females. These experimental observations proved the social dynamics among fishes.Territorial Defense and Aggressive BehaviorsIt was observed among Cottus bairdii and Rhinichthysvcataractae that adults used to occupy the deeper part of their habitat wh ile the young forages on the shallow part (Reebs, 2008). This condition not only exposes the young to the threat of predation but also limits their food access.Meanwhile, in Betta splendens, the nest-holding males tend to display more aggressive behavior during the female laying of eggs and even more after the hatching of eggs (Jaroensutasinee and Jaroensutasinee, 2003). Also, black-belt cichlids, Cichlasoma maculicauda, assault egg predators more ferociously than non-egg predators (Reebs, 2008). They usually fry the enemy at a particular distance before launching an attack.This territoriality in terms of food resources defense is effectively done over fairly small habitat. If food resources are in a vast area, the dominant fish can hardly provide efficient protection, hence, leading to non-display of aggressive behaviour (Reebs, 2008).Trout and salmon have been observed to occupy and protect vast areas when food resources are limited. This means that territorial defense is absent i f the ecological needs are distributed in vast areas and if the number of intruders is great as compared with the inhabitant fishes (Reebs, 2008).Mating and Aggressive BehaviorsFish may acquire aggressive behavior by merely just observing aggression between conspecifics (Clotfelter and Paolino, 2003). The presence of audience during fish fight may reason out for the increased behavioral display between fighting fishes (Doutrelant and McGregor, 2000).In B. splendens, male-fight losers used gill cover to attract non-witness female while the winner displayed to both witness and non-witness females (Herb, Biron, and Kidd, 20030). After witnessing the two-male wrestle, the female fighting fish, B. splendens, spent time more often with the winner while failure to witness the event, the female visited more often the loser (Doutrelant and McGregor, 2000).Conversely, although size-advantage males of B. splendens species have more chance of winning male-fight but the winning does not affect f emale preferences of mate (Jaroensutasinee and Jaroensutasinee, 2001).Dominant males of swordtails and guppies delve on the larger part of their habitat including the dwelling place of the females (Reebs, 2008). Due to dominant exclusion, the sexual activities of subordinate fishes tend to be suppressed.This process of exclusion paves the ways for the subordinate male guppies to spontaneously develop a more robust body color that is more attractive for female guppies, thus, regaining the chance for mating (Reebs, 2008).Biological Bases of AggressionAggressive behaviors among animals are typically attributed to the biochemical function of the androgens. Researches revealed that by androgen decrease in a number of animal male species through castration lessened aggression while injection of hormones to castrated males caused regained aggressions (Desjardins, Hazelden, Van der Kraak, and Balshinea, 2005).Based on the findings of the group of John Wingfield, aggression can also be ascri bed to physiological causes. They postulated through Challenge Hypothesis that aggressive encounters among males of the same species lead to production of androgens (Desjardins, Hazelden, Van der Kraak, and Balshinea, 2005).Their notion resulted to the emersion of several studies relating aggressive behaviors with increase in androgen, urinary, plasma, and fecal level.

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American Agriculture Essay

American agriculture through the change of technology, government policy and economic had show an increase decline, politically, industrially, and economically, in the period 1865-1900. The period was categorized as a time of Republican laissez-faire governments that favored big business. Technology was making massive strides but mostly in urban manufacturing. The technological improvements that were made available were sold to the farmers at outrageous prices and shipped at high freight rates. Economically, the prices of agriculture were decreasing with that many farmers found themselves in a condition worst than living. Although famers were represented somewhat in government, these pro-agriculture politicians could not defeated the power of urban industry and big business. Although it was the famers who contributed for the country and harvest the substances on which the urban class relied upon, the farmers were becoming the forgotten people of America. Because of the political, ind ustrial, and economic challenges that the farmers were forced to face, American agriculture suffered during the late 19th century. Technologically, the United States was growing at a rapid rate. Advancements began to centralize industries and make life easier for the working class. Railroads were replacing canals and trails and soon, had spread across the entire nation, expanding the national market and making any part of the country accessible. From 1870-1890, the number of railroads increased enormously and the number of railroads with major land grants grew as well (Document B). This may have appeared as a positive gain for farmers on paper but in reality, the railroad hurt the farmers. While this new means of transportation allowed farmers to expand even further and ship their harvest or cattle faster to more markets. Money hungry railroad tycoons such as Leland Stanford, and others controlled the main railroads. The freight rates were outrageous and many farmers lost out on a sizable amount of money throughout the process. After the cost of shipping, taxes, low buying prices, and the cost of equipment, the farmers were left with little profit. The technological advancements made favored the farmer because it made it easier to farm but often times farmers could not afford the tools, because it was too expensive. During a wheat harvest, instead of using a mechanical harvester, possibility motorized, a farmer was reduced to  using a team of horses, many times there are 30 horses used to pull the harvest (Document D). Although technology was booming during the era, the advancements did not help the farmers. The positive gain looked good on paper but not in reality, which is often characterized during the era most infamously, coined by Mark Twain as the Gilded Age. The government policy at the time was laissez-faire; Republicans were in office, favored the large industries and big business. As a result, the farmers were not well represented in Washington or helped back home. Not much progress was made but when it was, advances were limited. In Illinois, the people were able to gain a small victory when the Supreme Court allowed Illinois legislature to pass a law limiting freight rate (Document C). Those making progress were usually part of the populist movement, a pre-agricultural party that favored the rights of farmers. Organizations were established such as the Grangers and Farmer’s Alliance, which allowed farmers with goals and belief to organize and unite. Leader such as Mary Elizabeth Lease presented to the people that the government had lied to the people and deceived them. She supported her argument through glamming facts such as price reduction and claims of overproduction (Document G). The government had problems dealing with the Indian problem and stalled the settlement of agricultural regions for Americans (Document I). One of the most heated debates was the decision between gold and silver standard. The Republican wanted to flood the economy and inflate with silver to support the farmers and miners out west. William Jennings Bryan argued that the country relied on farmers and that without them the country was doomed. He argued that the country should support the farmers because they provide for the nation. He made a ‘cross of gold’ speech that, if cities were burned down with the farms, life will again survive like miracles, but if farms were burned down, leaving the cities then the cities will only be a ruined (Document J). The Republicans did not do much to help the economy or farmers because of the laissez faire attitude and thus, not only led to the downfall of the farmers but of the nation because of Presidents such as Rutherford B. Hayes and U lysses Grant. Economically, the farmers were crushed pepper, and robbed. The farmers  could not obtain the sliver standard they wanted to finance themselves and were being held down by big business and the pro-wealthy Republicans. As farmers produced more and more to make the highest possible amount of money, the price of the crop dropped and led to overproduction (Document A). They violated the law of supply and demand and suffered. If the farmer did succeed, he would have to give up practically allot of to the railroads, government, or any other players involved in the industry. In some cases, contracts were signed, practically signing away half of the farmer with hardly anything (Document E). The farmers were left cripple and stuck in vicious cycle. The crop and cattle can be shipped to markets far away, usually Chicago, and the transit fare increased as distance increased (Document F). The farmers are often left poor, out of work and starving. The weather takes their crop and if not the weat her, the scheming businessmen. They are left with a loss of dignity, hope and broken spirits (Document H). In the end, those that provided for the nation end up being crushed by the giant people they held feed. Economically, the farmers have their hands tried. During the Gilded Age, 1865-1900, American suffered from a non –existent government and big business and corporations, the farmers endured some of the worst hardship as a result. The American agriculture greatly declined and politically, economically, and industrially, were crushed and left in a hopeless, vicious cycle.

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Negligence and Duty of Care Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Negligence and Duty of Care - Essay Example As the discussion stresses over the past decade or so we have seen a significant growth in the number of legal organizations offering to act for clients on a â€Å"no win, no fee† basis. The majority of cases dealt with under these conditions relate to action taken under the tort of negligence. Tony Weir argues that the tort of negligence has almost reached a position where its principle that â€Å"It is actionable unreasonably to cause foreseeable harm to others,† is the standard upon which all torts are judged, thereby eliminating the need for other torts. This is a view supported by others. In her book on the subject, Susan Hodge agrees that, â€Å"in many ways it is the most important tort.† In this paper, the intention is to examine the validity of this argument by examining the duty of care, which forms the basis of this principle. We find that, although in recent years there have been some attempts to curb the expansion; the tort of negligence is dominating tort actions. This paper highlights that although this document concentrates upon the tort of negligence, it is helpful to provide a brief understanding of Tort law in general. Tort law differs significantly from contract law, which is based upon the execution of a previously made undertaking. The key issue in tort is the protection of an individual’s rights and interests. This relates to their physical being; the property they own; their present and future fiscal position and the esteem with which they are held by society in general. The application of the law of torts generally falls within three classes. These are intentional tort, nuisance and negligence. Intentional, as the word suggests relates to a deliberate act of harm against another, for example an assault.  Ã‚   For any plan to succeed there is a need to have adequate financial muscle to power it. The government currently provides some funds used to facilitate the treatment of addicts mostly through its various public program s. Though the programs are still functional, it is necessary to expand them so that they can take in a greater number of patients and provide better treatment methods than those that are currently in use.

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Story of my leadership Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Story of my leadership - Assignment Example He should be able to portray optimism even in the face of adversity. This type of leadership advocates for what would be referred to us intellectual stimulation. Offering a room for creativity free from a lot of red tapes predisposes leader’s followers to a greater level of confidence. The followers are able to effectively connect with their leader without fear of any punitive measures against them. In this leadership model, a leader should be able to enhance positive change among his followers. It focuses on the personality of the leader instead of the actions of the same leader. To effect change and impart it among individuals requires a lot of assertiveness which is a must trait that a leader should posses if not learn. Change may be costly to an organization if not handled in the right manner. It includes all aspects of change be it a positive change or negative change. Change involves transition and is complex in nature. Without extreme care, several factors are likely to go wrong and this is one major challenge to transformational leadership model. For change to be effective and minimize negative challenges that are most likely to occur, three dimensional aspects need to be adequately addressed. These include, inspiring and motivating those affected by change. This includes emotional motivation. Emerging factors in the post change phase and their impacts must adequately be addressed. Management of people’s actions that assist them in undertaking whatever is expected of

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Nature Versus Nurture, which is responsible for leaders Assignment

Nature Versus Nurture, which is responsible for leaders - Assignment Example In order to understand whether or not leaders are natural born or nurtured into a leader, it is important to understand what exactly defines a leader and what type of traits a leader should posses. A leader can be defined as someone who is able to lead others. To lead others is to conduct plans and implement plans in a way other can easily follow. It is also important for a leader to be able to lead others in a way others will want to follow. Possessing a personality that is favored by many is a necessity for someone to be a leader. A leader is able to lead others into a specific event and lead others in a certain directions. Leaders need to have specific traits. Specific traits a leader should posses would include a strong personality. Strong personalities allow a leader to not easily be manipulated and stay focused. A leader must also posses’ traits that allow him or her to be organized. Being organized shows others that as a leader one is confident and well structured. A leader needs to work well under stress. Being able to work well under stress will allow for a leader to take on large tasks without easily becoming discouraged. The more personable one may be, the more able the leader is to obtain followers. A leader is not a leader unless people are willing to follow with their own free will and not by force or fear. Anyone can lead by fear but a true leader leads by personal choice. Knowing what a leader is and specific traits a leader should posses help to further explore the idea that leaders are both born with specific traits and nurtured by proper upbringing. Intelligence is a perfect example as to how leaders can be born leaders. A leader needs to have a certain level of intelligence in order to lead others. One who is born with a higher level of intelligence is able to learn fast, stay focused and keep up with the demand it takes to lead. It would be hard to lead others if one was lacking necessary skills such as

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Strategy (Business) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Strategy (Business) - Essay Example Johnson & Scholes (1999) define stakeholder as, â€Å"Stakeholders are groups or individuals who have a stake in, or expectation of, the organisation’s performance.† Stakeholders all have power, someone has a formal power invested in a position of authority or it could be the social power of being able to persuade others to support or oppose the policies of the organization. For example NGOs and social watch groups often exert such a power on the company forcing the organization to adopt or abandon some decisions. For example an oil producing company has to remain watchful for any pollution in the seabed, a construction company has to make sure that it doesn’t spread too much of building material on the lanes and bylanes, blocking the easy movement of general public. People with higher power could be the company’s most useful supporters or most dangerous opponents, depending upon the prevailing dynamics. Different companies have different set of stakeholders with different levels of power structures. Shareholders (medium and big): This type of shareholder is interested in better dividend rates as well as better performance and public relations of the company. He keeps an eye on macro as well as micro level factors. Banks and Financial Institutions: Banks and Institutions are not only interested in better showing, but they also wish the company to diversify in more areas, open more facilities as that involves more business for banks and Financial Institutions (FIs). Customers: Customers want value for their money; they can wield pressure by way of asking for better quality at reasonable prices. They need to be pampered by the company, otherwise there is an inherent danger of their opting for alternative products or the products of rival companies. Lower level Employees: These stakeholders are interested in their salaries at the end of the month, not involving themselves in the strategic decisions. They

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Wal-Mart's Growth Plan in China Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Wal-Mart's Growth Plan in China - Case Study Example The case starts with a brief history of how Wal-Mart was formed and the strategy it employed to grow under the radar of big retailers and never come in direct competition with them. It talks about the reasons of success of wall mart - everyday low prices, customer focus, and relentless cost control, partnership with suppliers and unrivalled distribution and logistics management. After giving details how Wal-Mart become a huge success in USA; the case goes on to describe its China venture. It takes us through the history of retail market in China. It talks about retail being a centrally controlled business to the phase wise opening up of the sector to foreign players. In the end the case talks about many challenges being faced by Wal-Mart in China such as income disparity , local protectionism , infrastructural deficiencies , regulatory restrictions , lack of IT infrastructure and the different consumer behaviour of Chinese consumers than their counterparts in North America. The case makes us ponder over these difficulties being faced by Wal-Mart even after 10 years of starting operations in China. 1) Everyday Low prices -This strategy of Wal-Mart was able to win a large number of customers. It helped in successfully addressing customer's disappointment in constantly changing shelf prices. More important than the promise was Wal-Mart's ability to meet this promise every time. 2) Customer is No.1 - Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart ensured that customer was treated respectfully by his employees and provided great customer service. The company came up with Sam's ten rules which became the corner stone of great customer service at Wal-Mart. 3) Small Town Locations - During the initial growth phase, Wal-Mart grew under the competition's radar. They operated in these towns which were considered as unviable by big retailers at that time. 4) Relentless Cost Control - Saving was given as much importance in Wal-Mart as was creating a sale. Wal-Mart relentlessly tried to cut costs to pass on the benefits to the customer. 5) Partnership With Suppliers - Wal-Mart provided big volumes to its suppliers but extracted a lot from them. It was always trying to push them to cut costs. Many processes being followed by suppliers were modified by Wal-Mart in order to reduce costs. 6)Unrivalled Distribution and Logistics Management - The IT infrastructure of Wal-Mart was connected with its suppliers in order to ensure that constant update on inventory requirements reach the customer. It followed Just in time approach and utilized cross docking method to reduce inventory of its stores. In analysing the Wal-Mart case we have used the long cycle process framework. The case analyses starts with identifying the major issues that Wal-Mart faces and have then gone on to analyse the same and find solutions in the last phase. Issues faced by Wal-Mart in China. 1) Immediate Issues. A) Market Segmentation Large amount of income disparities in China. The coastal regions have very high per capita income of 2117 $ where the inner and western regions have significantly less purchasing power as can be seen

Why is the story called, The Yellow Wallpaper Essay

Why is the story called, The Yellow Wallpaper - Essay Example The commonality between the two stories is that both of them tell about a husband’s suffocating grip on a woman’s life. In these stories, a husband has not been presented in a direct negative light; rather a husband’s care and kindness for a wife ironically prove to be harmful for a wife. The irony lies in the fact that in a patriarchal society, no matter how much a husband tries to be caring like the narrator’s husband in Gilman’s â€Å"The Yellow Wallpaper†, and kind like Mrs. Mallard’s husband in â€Å"Story of an Hour†, they are the patriarchal annihilators of the women’s freedom. In her story Gilman shows that a woman’s status in patriarchy is rather detrimental to her psychological growth, though ironically the narrator’s husband mistakes such restriction for his wife’s betterment. The narrator’s husband assumes that women were devoid of any intellectual capability. Therefore, he suggests that the protagonist refrains himself from any type intellectual and outdoor activities. In contradiction, the narrator strongly feels that participation in outdoor activities may improve her condition. The protagonist thinks that her betterment lies in something else than a restricted situation, â€Å"I sometimes fancy that in my condition if I had less opposition and more society and stimulus—but John says the very worst thing I can do is think about my condition, and I confess it always makes me feel bad. So I will let it alone and talk about the house† (Gilman, â€Å"The Yellow Wallpaper†). Gilman refers to the fact that women’s confinement within the four walls of their husbands’ house hampers their normal psychological growth. In the story, the narrator often refers to the suppressing presence of her husband in her life. At some point, referring to the seriousness of her condition she says, â€Å"If a physician of high standing, and oneâ₠¬â„¢s own husband, assures friends and relatives that there is really nothing the matter with one but temporary nervous depression—a slight hysterical tendency—what is one to do?† (Gilman). Here Gilman refers to the patriarchal constructs of the word, â€Å"husband†. For her, â€Å"one’s own husband† or ‘husband’ is empowered with the authority of ‘a physician of high standing’ who can rule on the psychophysical condition of his wife. Gilman shows that the patriarchal term ‘husband’ is as harmful for a wife as a physician, who is ignorant of his patient’s situation, is harmful to his patient. In her story, Chopin deals with the same story of a woman’s lack of freedom in a round-about way. In contradiction to others’ expectation Mrs. Mallard senses the gush of complacent freedom hearing the news of her husband’s death. She feels sad. But concurrently she also feels the complace nce at her oncoming freedom, as the narrator describes Mrs. Mallard’s joy in the following manner: â€Å"There was something coming to her and she was waiting for it, fearfully. What was it? She did not know; it was too subtle and elusive to name† (Chopin, â€Å"Story of an Hour†). At the news of Bentley’s death, she feels the prospect of living a life of enormous freedom and joy. But since in patriarchy a woman is not accustomed to express herself freely, she fears even to acknowledge the source of mirth and ecstasy. Though â€Å"she was striving to beat it back with her will† (Chopin, â€Å"Story of an Hour†), she fails to do so. Indeed it is her self-realization and her acknowledgement that the death of her husband and the prospect of living a free life are the sources of her ecstasies. But gradually before the unexpected

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Organisational Ethics in OPEN24 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Organisational Ethics in OPEN24 - Essay Example For a company organization is a means to an end in order to achieve its goals. In this sense, organizations can be distinguished into two fundamentally different sets of objectives: The team of financial advisors is highly focused, trained up and very aggressive sellers, they concentrate on non walk-in customers and their objective is the selling of business loans. Increasing competition in the marketplace combined with rather draconian cultural internal problems such as bureaucracy, poor communication, and perceived lack of personal job advancement possibilities has led the employees to high levels of frustration many times in the past. 'All organisations begin with some sort of Vision, an initial spark which causes its creation. The organisation's Vision is essentially the dream which unites a core group of people and inspires them to try and make the dream a reality.' We can say that Open24 has a vision on what it wants to achieve in the near future. All employees work towards these visions and indeed if they work as group, then there is no reason as to why they should not achieve their organisational goals. Open24 organisation's pur...'All organisations begin with some sort of Vision, an initial spark which causes its creation. The organisation's Vision is essentially the dream which unites a core group of people and inspires them to try and make the dream a reality.' We can say that Open24 has a vision on what it wants to achieve in the near future. All employees work towards these visions and indeed if they work as group, then there is no reason as to why they should not achieve their organisational goals. (Ping, 1996)Â   Open24 organisation's purpose grew from their vision and in articulating its mission; they should have stated how it will seek to bring the vision to reality. 'It is stating what its 'Unique reason for being' is, and what the values are that will give meaning to its purpose.' (Ping, 1996) When it comes to organisational ethics, it is here in the mission statement that the seed is planted which gives rise to the 'shared set of beliefs' that will determine the organisation's climate of opinion. (Ping, 1996)Â   The main problems that the department faces and can prevent from the above mentioned plans are the following: Strict Management that creates employee dissatisfaction thus, high employee turnover ratio.Poor communication. Internal competition between OPEN 24 and the main net of Eurobank's branches. Â  

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The Character of Arnold Friend Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Character of Arnold Friend - Essay Example For this purpose, a mention would be made of both direct quotations from the story and also views of a renowned scholar and which add strength to the argument presented by this essay. Here, it needs to be specified that the scope of this essay is confined to solely understanding the character of Arnold Friend, and not to give a detailed summary of the story. Background It was sometime in the second half of 1960s that the author happened to read about Charles Schmid, a serial killer of Arizona who murdered several girls. All these girls were in their teens. In fact, the killer was named as â€Å"The Pied Piper of Tucson†, and Joyce did not take too much of time in deciding to write a story based on the serial killings, and the title of this story is â€Å"Where are you going, Where have you been?†As a matter of fact, the character of Arnold Friend in this story clearly resembles Schmid. Just like the latter, even Arnold Friend is short and attempts to look taller by stuf fing some things in his shoes. Most importantly, in the story, even Arnold goes on to intimidate a teenage girl who was trying to keep him at bay. But here, the author brought an entirely new dimension by adding an element of supernatural phenomenon to the story, and this is what is going to elaborately analyzed in the subsequent section. (1) Analysis The aforementioned supernatural phenomenon is obvious from the narrative of story strongly suggesting that Arnold Friend is Satan himself, in disguise. There are several quotations from the story, which add weight to this argument, and it would be very much apt in having a look at some of those. When Arnold sees Connie for the first time he remarks â€Å"Gonna get you, baby†. That is definitely not a respectable way of addressing ladies, and in fact, this also subtly hints that there is an element of evil in Arnold. (2) When Connie gets worried that her family members would return home, the following is the exact situation. â₠¬Å"Arnold says â€Å"Aunt Tillie’s. Right now they’re uh—they’re drinking. Sitting around,† he said vaguely, squinting as if he were staring all the way to town and over to Aunt Tillie’s back yard. Then the vision seemed to get clear and he nodded energetically. â€Å"Yeah. Sitting around. There’s your sister in a blue dress, huh? And high heels, the poor sad bitch—nothing like you, sweetheart! And your mother’s helping some fat woman with the corn, they’re cleaning the corn—husking the corn.† (2) From the contents stated in the preceding paragraph, it is evident that Arnold Friend possesses paranormal powers. He was vividly able to see the things taking place at a distant location. In popular literature, Satan is described as a combination of these powers and evil intentions, not to mention the ability to effectively assume any form. When Connie was worriedly resisting the advances of Arnold and was trying to make sure that the door gets locked, he remarks â€Å"But why lock it? It’s just a screen door? It’s just nothing.† These words subtly focus on another power of Satan where, locked doors and windows cannot prevent him from gaining entry into a place. Although he explains by stating that breaking a screen door is not an issue for anyone, yet, in light of the contents discussed up to that point in the story, it is but obvious that the power of the evil entity is being referred to. (2) When Connie was still adamant in not yielding to Arnold’s charm, he starts threatening her by saying â€Å"You don’t want your people in any trouble, do you?† That again is a clear reflection of his grossly evil nature- a nature which is characteristic of Satan! The manner in which the story reaches its end subtly points out that he kills

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Misconceptions Among Muslim Essay Example for Free

Misconceptions Among Muslim Essay This is the biggest misconception about Islam, no doubt resulting from the constant stereotyping and bashing the media gives Islam. When a gunman attacks a mosque in the name of Judaism, a Catholic IRA guerrilla sets off a bomb in an urban area, or Serbian Orthodox militiamen rape and kill innocent Muslim civilians, these acts are not used to stereotype an entire faith. Never are these acts attributed to the religion of the perpetrators. Yet how many times have we heard the words Islamic, Muslim fundamentalist, etc. linked with violence. Many people use the name of religions for their own purposes. One should consult the source of Islam and separate what the true religion of Islam says from what is portrayed in the media. Islam literally means submission to Allah and is derived from a root word meaning peace. Islam may seem exotic or even extreme in the modern world. Perhaps this is because religion doesnt dominate everyday life in the West, whereas Islam is considered a way of life for Muslims and they make no division between secular and sacred in their lives. Like Christianity, Islam permits fighting in self-defence, in defence of religion, or on the part of those who have been expelled forcibly from their homes. It lays down strict rules of combat, which include prohibitions against harming civilians and against destroying crops, trees and livestock. Nowhere does Islam enjoin the killing of innocents. The Quran says: {Fight in the cause of Allah against those who fight you, but do not transgress limits. Allah does not love transgressors} (Quran 2:190), {If they seek peace, then seek you peace. And trust in Allah for He is the One that heareth and knoweth all things} (Quran 8:61) War, therefore, is the last resort, and is subject to the rigorous conditions laid down by the sacred law. The term jihad literally means struggle. Muslims believe that there are two kinds of jihad. The other jihad is the inner struggle of the soul, which everyone wages against egotistic desires for the sake of attaining inner peace.

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Impact ADHD and Autism on Education

Impact ADHD and Autism on Education How does ADHD and/or autism impact on the pupil, other pupils, teachers and the whole school? Introduction and Overview First, is to define ADHD and Autism: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a disorder that tampers with major parts of the brain that is related the control of a persons attention, activity and emotions which make them appear hyper or weird. ADHD can also be considered as the poor functioning and poor communication between different areas of the brain. Autism mainly appears during the first 3 years of the childs development and growth. Its in relation to routines and repetition of behaviors which range from mild to severe. It doesnt mean that autism is a damage or disease. Jaffe-Gill et al (2008) postulate that the symptoms of ADHD will show if the section of the brain which controls hyperactivity, is not fully developed or not coordinating well with the rest of the brain and therefore it is not that the child is not able to control his behavior. Autism is not purely a genetic disorder which cannot be treated but certain reactions on the genes which are indeed affected by the external environment al factors. Autism is treatable as the important part that should be understood is, if the reactions can be flipped on, they can be as well be flipped off. Secondly, ADHD and Autism affect children and the signs and symptoms expose themselves in many different forms. The three major areas which most of the symptoms are categorized in are; in attention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. It becomes clinical when the impulsiveness and hyperactivity go beyond the social norms. The child may have difficulty in paying attention, may be fidgety, gets easily distracted, may not be able to sit still, may have difficulty in doing homework, chores around the house, or may be disorganized. Consequently, the hyperactive-impulsive type AHDH symptoms include; being always ‘on the go, struggles to wait in line, always fidgeting or squirming, running or climbing in excess, Struggles to remain seated, Blurts out answer before hearing question, talks too much, Struggles with interrupting or intruding and lastly they cannot play quietly. The last of the AHDH types is the combined type. This is the common of the three and it is a combination of the inattentive type and the hyperactive-impulsive type. Before a parent or teacher gets to establish an AHDH case, they may feel that the child is acting out or seeking attention. Without medication or/and behavioural therapy a child struggles to control his or her behaviour. Other signs of ADHD are shown when the child gets so disruptive or fidgety in class that interferes with the teacher as she tries to teach the other students, the student blurt out answers in class, the student find sit hard to wait for his turn in the line, the child also becomes so hyperactive that he cannot sit through a session for instance, the church service or watching a movie. With autism the three core areas that are involved or show the signs of the disorder include; social-not socially interacting with the environment and just being by themselves, communication which is manifested by the age of 3 when a delay in speech is eminent, and repetitive movements or limited interest. Fact file on ADHD There are various facts about Autism and ADHD: On ADHD, it affects between 5 to 10% of the school going children and affects more boys than girls about 3 to 4 times more, another fact is that 50 to 60 % of the children will continue to experience the symptoms throughout to adulthood, the ones which need pediatric prescriptions are about 78%. Many cases of ADHD are reported worldwide, especially those that affect children below the age of 3 years (Fuller, 2008). This is the year that is said to be when Autism and ADHD manifest and begin to show up prominently. On Autism; 1 in every 150 children are diagnosed with autism while 1 in every 94 boys has the disorder. It is further evident that each day, about 67 children are diagnosed with the Autism disorder and a new case is reported every 20 minutes. In comparison to AIDS, diabetes, cancer, it is further true according to statistics that more children will be diagnosed with autism this shows that it is the most rapidly growing acute developmental disability in the U.S. boys are expected to have autism four times more. There is neither cure nor medical detection for autism. Since ADHD and Autism affect the school going children, and they spend at least eight hours everyday in school, the teachers and students are more likely to observe the change in behaviors in the students and hence a big impact will be felt within the school and its environment. This document will look at the impacts of autism on pupil, on other pupils, on teachers and on the whole school. Impact of Autism on Pupil Children with severe speech difficulties finding it difficult to communicate may become very frustrated. They may be reluctant to communicate or may refuse to do so at all. If required to communicate, they may show signs of intense stress or anxiety. The child may have low self esteem and may feel rejected by peers (and may in fact be rejected by some). In such circumstances, it may become difficult to recognize that. Without support, the child may develop behavioral, emotional and social difficulties. This appears to be supported by evidence of communication problems among population such as children in care and pupils in school. Because of their dependence on structure, major problems can arise for children with autism outside lesson times. Although breaks from lessons are designed to provide normal children with the opportunities they need to relax and to interact with their peers, for a child with autism such period can be extremely stressful, children who are able to behave quite acceptably when involved in guided and structured activities frequently appear much more ‘odd or unusual at times of free play. Stereotyped and ritualistic behaviors may become more apparent and exposure to teasing or bullying is much more of a risk, especially because staff supervision at such times is greatly reduced. Break times are designed to reduce the pressure from the children not increase and therefore by allowing the children with autism to go for the break will just increase the amount of pressure in them thus it would be good if they are not allowed to go but instead relax in class by themselves without any disturbance. School meals can be another source of difficulty and it is clear from personal accounts that having to tolerate the noise and smells of meals in a crowded school canteen can be almost akin to torture for individuals with autism. Been forced into close proximity with other students, or made to eat food of particular textures or mixed together on the plate (many individuals cannot bear separate items of food touching each other) can be extremely stressful. Clare Sainsbury writes: (the potential of making mistakes (and the anxiety caused by fear of making mistakes) is enormous. One of my most vivid memories of secondary schools is been hauled out of the lunch queue by one of the dinner ladies shouting angrily, and made to stand to one side; she refused to tell me why. Only after I had burst into tears was I allowed back†¦.nobody ever explained what I had done wrong†¦.and to this day I still have no idea.) A quiet corner in which to eat, being allowed to eat slightly earlier or later than other pupils, or being permitted to bring sandwiches are among the simple solutions that can transform a nightmare into a practicable tolerant activity. If the principal problem is lack of knowledge of what to do when the basic rules can be explained simply and discreetly- beforehand. Games and extracurricular lessons are also frequent causes of stress for pupils with autism, who may lack the motor coordination, the ability to follow rapid instructions or unwritten rules and the social reciprocity required in order to contribute to these activities in any useful way. Competitive sports are a particular problem and are probably best avoided altogether, both for the sake of the person with autism and the rest of the class. However, physical fitness can be improved by encouraging activities that improve body awareness and coordination such as yoga, swimming, golf, walking or gymnastics if sensitively taught. Impact of Autism on Other Pupils The impact of Autism on other pupils can be as a result of the reaction of the children affected by Autism (Autistics). Due to the hyperactivity, in them, the other pupils will develop fear in them as they will seem as a threat to them. For instance, if a child is the kind who throws things around when annoyed, will make his classmates scream, run away, there may be accidents in that a child can be hit by the furniture or the object thrown around. Autistics are also known to be bright and understand things so fast, besides their self esteem was lowered by other students, they can also lower other pupils self esteem in academics especially. This is so because the weaker ones will be teased by them and feel threatened instead. In many cases, if the teacher does not realize this early enough, she may have ea tendency of rushing through the syllabus since of the assumption that if one or two pupils have understood what is been taught, the rest will learn from them. For some children this lack of understanding may result in a refreshing acceptance of the child with autism for the person they are. However, some children may be fearful and this may result in ostracizing, bullying, or mocking the children with autism (Kinsley, 2008). These attitudes create a matrix of difficulties for the child with the disorder which exacerbates their already significant impairments in forming peer relationships. Impact of Autism on Teachers According to Folin and Lian (2008), a teachers attitude towards pupils with Autism is directly related to the knowledge and understanding of the condition. Consequently, there is a need to develop systems and means by which knowledge and understanding about Autism are share with other colleagues. Understandably, we are in competition with multitude of other demands on professionals and, therefore, need to promote information, in an accessible and manageable form which is tailored to the context they are working in. the depth of knowledge required might lie on a continuum from awareness to expertise by the role they perform. Colleagues whose only contact with pupils with autism is during break times or assemblies will need a different level of understanding to those colleagues who may share the same teaching space. Similarly, these colleagues needs will differ again from the people primarily responsible for the teaching of youngsters with Autism. Responding to this continuum of profe ssional development need, the training portfolio may include: Informal approaches, inset days, outreach, accredited courses, and resources. Each of these depends upon practitioners within the field promoting the cause of pupils with the disorder in a positive and proactive manner. Impact of Autism on the Whole School A major impact in the whole school would be loosing children due to parents transferring their children to other schools because of various reasons such bullying. There has been case from various schools of major bullying taking place within the school; educators and society are concerned about the violent attacks in the schools (Schultz, n.d.). It is imperative that there should be a school-wide bullying prevention programs. This program will be specially tailored to address all issues that come along with the ADHD and Autism pupils. Bullying is pervasive, in the schools and adults ought to be at the forefront in bullying. This is basically because a lot of pupils will lose out especially if they are bullied until it affects their academics. It is further recommended that the right academic modification as well as academic adaptation is incorporated into the school program. The law generally requires that every child should be provided with proper and a safe learning environment. Every school should thus have the facilities for special education of the children with Autism. Compliance to these standards should be ensured on a constant basis. Conclusion ADHD and Autism are disorders that affect parts of the brain. They are not purely genetic and can be controlled. Measures should be taken to create a good environment for both the children that need special attention and the other children and also the school environment. ADHD and Autism therefore affects the childrens ability to learn. This in itself means that there are various learning activities that the students with Autism will have to miss out on, thus impacting negatively on their performance in class. Whenever the class performance deeps, the schools overall performance will also dip in a similar fashion. To sum it up, the pupil with ADHD and Autism will learn slowly thus impeding their ability to keep up to pace with the rest. Their performance will also be negative with minimal or negative advancement. Similarly, the other pupils will find it difficult to be taught at the same pace as the pupil with ADHD and Autism (Sprinkle, 2004). When their learning is affected, they will have to also exhibit withdraw signs as well as lose interest in the subject being taught. On the other hand, the teachers will find it very strenuous so that they will develop an attitude that will affect their teaching patterns. Eventually this translates into poor school performance and loss of reputation as a result. Therefore, the school will suffer from adverse publicity from the critics. Likewise, the school will be compelled to expend large sums of money in setting up a unit specially meant for the ADHD and Autism pupils. References Folin, C., Lian, M.J. (2008). Reform, inclusion, and teacher education: towards a new era of special education in the Asia-Pacific region. New York: Routledge. Retrieved October 06, 2009 from Fuller, J. (2008). How to Use Behavior Modifications to Treat Childhood ADHD. eHow. Retrieved October 06, 2009 from Jaffe-Gill, E., Smith, M., Segal, R., Segal, J. (2008). Behavior Therapy for ADD/ADHD. Retrieved October 06, 2009 from Kinsley, R.S. (2008). What Is ADHD? Retrieved October 06, 2009 from Schultz, J.J. (n.d.). Behavior Modification Instead of Medication? Retrieved October 06, 2009 from Sprinkle, N. (2004). ADHD Behavior Therapy: Promoting Discipline Focus in Kids. Retrieved October 06, 2009 from

Is Home Work Necessary For Students?

Is Home Work Necessary For Students? Every night in million of homes across the country you can imagine the scenario: the age old story of children and their homework. The scene may have different characters, but the script is usually the same. Parents have always attempted to help their children with homework. This help ranges from a short occasional explanation to total completion of the task by the parent. Whatever the case, numerous problems exist. In an attempt to cope, parents will use trail and error, bribery, threats, reasoning and anything they hope will work. For some children, school can be a stressful place. After spending most of the day in school, children are typically given additional work to be completed at home. Here is the question what is the purpose of homework? All people can agree it is used to reinforce on what the children learned during school. But is it really helpful for kids to spend time to do homework instead of doing what they should really do? Such as playing outside or learn to help doing chores? Thats look at the merits and demerits of doing homework. Merits: Homework obviously helps kids study on what they learned during school. It can also help some kids to research and obtain some useful information which they might not know or miss in class. Homework can also give kids a sense of responsibility; this is a very important thing that can affect kids growth during life. Believe it or not, doing homework can actually be a way of exercising! Doing homework prevent kids from watching TV. Demerits: Homework prevents kids to learn and understand many things. For example, a child will never learn what the true beauty of the nature is if he is just sitting on a chair and doing homework all the time. Homework can make children to be sick and tired of school, many kids in the world despise school mainly because of homework. School is very important thing in a kids life since it is the place where all kids education is received. Children dislike or even hating go to school can be a very bad thing. Homework takes out fun out of kids life. Who want to sitting in side a beautiful day doing homework in their room instead of playing out side with their friends? Homework can also prevent the kids social skills. If a child is spending at his house all day, obviously he is not going to have too many friends compare to the other kids who do play. Views of Students: Above written is my view of point. Homework is related to students so their opinion also necessary here what they say about doing homework? Abeel- I am in 8th class and dont really enjoy school and homework as well. Homework is waste of time. I think we do enough work at school and if we have homework than we waste all of our time doing it but if we didnt have homework than we would have more time to spend with friends and family. Ali(5th class)- Homework is the stupidest thing ever invented and I barely have any time to do anything I want because my homework takes me like 3 hours because every teacher gives homework like 10 pages. Usman (10th class)- Necessary but boring. Saba- I am in class 6th and I work 2-3 hours a night on homework that teachers sometimes dont ever check or look at. I have come home after spend 6 hours at school and take more 2-3 hours homework. I am worn out. Sick and tired on this kind of routine. Haniya (10th class)- Homework is good. If you dont do your homework now, you must feel regret in future and end up having the worst job in the world. Whatever job you want be you still need knowledge and you can get that from your homework. Bilal (9th class)- I just feel like this homework is keeping me away from the things I really want to do. As a student I hate school because teachers gave me a pile of homework. I cant understand why teachers overload students with homework. Rabeel- I am in class 7th. In my view homework is a good thing but it should be short because we already spend a lot of time in school and also get much homework. So I feel tired and dont enjoy study. It looks me like a tension. The students under 5th class also claim that teachers gave a pile of homework and they dont have any time for playing, and to watch cartoon. They dont like school because of this thing. Views of Mothers: Now look at what mothers state about homework. I have two school going kids one is in 5th class and other one is in 8th class. They spend at least 5 hours in school. When they are at home, they want to play. They want to spend time with us. They want to explore the outdoors. They want to have adventure but they have no time for such type of activities because burden of homework. In my opinion homework is necessary for students because homework provide then a chance to revise what they learn in school and this is good for their batter result. If students miss something in school during homework their parents can help them. As you can see, homework has more negative effects than positive on the children today. I absolutely agree that too mush homework can have a negative impact on children. After a 5-6 hour day in school, homework should take another 3-4 hours. Think of how you would feel if, after a long hard day at work, you had to bring home 4 more hours of work each and every day. When would you have time to talk to your family? What emotional state would you find yourself in after spending ten hours of each week day working? Too much homework can rob children time to play, relax, interact with others, and participate in other events such as sports or the arts. Too much homework may lead to negative feelings about school and education. The sad fact in todays school system is that a teacher often does not have enough individual time to spend with each student. And some students can be left behind if they do not understand the previous concept before moving on to the next. This is one reason I find about the homework importance. It lets you see how your children are doing in different areas. If student did not understand what teacher was saying, parents can help them. I come at this point homework can be detrimental. Children in class 2 have less than 20 minutes of homework per day. 3rd to 6th grade students should have less than 60 minutes per day. Homework for older students will very by grade level, school curriculum, and subject area. So there has to be a balancing point between too much and too little homework.

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Thorpe Parks Customer Service Essay -- Consumerism Businesses Essays

Thorpe Park's Customer Service Effectual customer service is or should be a fundamental aspect of any organisation that has an objective of success. It is through this process that an organisation can fully understand its customers and ensuring that it is responding correctly to customer needs and demands which are vital if the organisation is to gain competitive advantage. In 1991, freematle quotes: â€Å"Customer service is the final test. You can get everything else right in terms of product, price and marketing but unless you complete the process with incredibly good customer service, you run the risk of loosing business or even going out of business†. Therefore customer service is defined as the course of action whereby businesses endeavour to fully understand the needs of their customers and to respond to those needs effectively and efficiently. It is important that an organisation’s customer service is done effectively and efficiently because business activities carry costs therefore sluggishness will be at the expense of the organisation. Excellent customer service achieves a high level of customers’ satisfaction and encourages customer to return and to recommend the organisation to others. I will be investigating into Thorpe Park, which is in the leisure and recreation industry and how it carries out its customer service. The leisure and recreation industry is a diverse part of the UK economy, spanning the public, private and voluntary sectors, and made up of a number of interrelated components including sport & physical recreation, arts & entertainment, outdoor activities etc. The leisure and recreation industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the UK economy. Introduction to Thorpe Park In 1970, the site was an active gravel pit owned by Ready Mix Concrete and in 1971 work was granted for the construction of a 500-acre Water Park. Thunder River and its surrounding area were developed in 1987, and 1988 saw the opening of the 630 seats Palladium Theatre. In 1989 Canada Creek, incorporating Logger’s Leap, was developed. Since 1991 many attractions have been added. In 1996, X:/No Way Out, the world’s first pitch dark, backward roller coaster was introduced and for two years running, in 1996 and 1997, Thorpe Park was voted the most Parent-Friendly leisure in the UK. Pearsons, who owned the Tussa... above regarding surveys and questionnaires are relevant here. The cost of postal surveys tends to be lower, especially as there is no need to employ an interviewer, but the response rate is also generally low, and organizations will often include some kind of incentive, such as free gifts or entry to prize draws, to encourage participation employees Surveys – increasingly, firms are gathering data on customer service by placing interactive questionnaires on their websites and encouraging customers to use them by offering incentives such as free gifts and prize draws. This is a relatively cheap method of research, given that it is normally relatively easy to add questionnaires onto an already established website. Internal surveys – these are surveys that are conducted amongst the organization’s own Comments/suggestion boxes – these are commonly used by organizations to gather basic information and are typically left on restaurant tables, in hotel rooms and near to tills for customers to fill in while they wait. They act like mini-questionnaires - usually made up of a small number of closed-ended questions, in order to encourage a higher completion rate.

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The Nature of Douglasss Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass Es

The Nature of Douglass's Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass Frederick Douglass wrote his autobiography the Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass to tell his story and to help the abolitionist's cause. It provides a window into his world, which is that of a former slave and of a prominent speaker. Douglass was born a slave in Maryland in 1818; his exact birthday is unknown. Unlike most slaves he had a mistress, Sophia Auld, who taught him his letters when he was about 10 and that basis of knowledge allowed him to 'steal literacy' over the years. Douglass was hired out to a slave breaker named Edward Covey in order to make him more subservient. In 1834 Frederick Douglass and Edward Covey had a battle which changed the course of Douglass?s life, and shaped him into a man who speaks and acts out against injustice. After Fredrick Douglass stood up to Covey he became free in sprit, if not in body, and vowed to allow no one to control his mind again. He escaped slavery and went to New York in 1839. His career as a speaker started in 1841 and in 1845 he published the Narrative. Although, those are some of the basic facts about his life but they do little to describe the man that he was, and what his first work says about himself and what he believed. The Narrative was written after he had spent a few years as a speaker going around telling his life?s story to abolitionist and therefore was in part rehearsed and also meant to be used as propaganda in the fight for equality. The book also serves as a historical source because it documents his voyage though slavery and the movement to end it. It is important when reading his autobiography to keep both views in mind. Many people have analyzed this complex work, Donald B. Gibson wrote about Douglass?s dual focus in his writing about how he had a public and social focus and a personal focus and private. The public and social focus was to correct the moral and political ills that slavery brought. While the personal and private focused on Douglass?s own thoughts, feelings, reactions, and emotions. The social focus was what presented the first twenty-one years of Douglass?s life in a way that allowed it to serve as a weapon for abolitionism. William Lloyd Garrison and Wendell Phillips recognized the public perspective, both of which wrote prefatory material to the Narrative. I... ...hen reading Frederick Douglass?s Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass it is important to take in to account the time period in which it was written, who the author was and their background, and the purpose that the work was written for. Douglass was a slave and an abolitionist who wrote about his life for two reasons, to give the facts and to convince people that slavery was wrong. The way he wrote both parts are intertwined so that they compliment and support each other it exist as a work of abolitionist propaganda and as an historical source. Bibliography Andrews, William L., To Tell a Free Story: The First Century of Afro-American Autobiography, 1760-1865. Chicago: University of Illinois Press, 1986. Douglass, Fredrick, Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass: An American Slave, ed. David Blight. New York: St. Martins, 1993. Gibson, Donald B., Reconciling Public and Private in Frederick Douglass? Narrative, Rutgers University. Polsky, Milton. The American Slave Narrative: Dramatic Resource Material for the Classroom. Hunter College of CUNY. Stewart, James Brewer, Holy Warriors The Abolitionists and American Slavery. New York: Hill and Wang, 1976.

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Prison Reform in Russia and Crime and Punishment, by Fyodor Dostoevsky

The novel Crime and Punishment occurs in the summer of 1865; a time when radical legal and social changes swept through Russia. The reforms of 1860’s and 1870’s were known as the Great Reforms because they affected every aspect of Russian life. With â€Å"an 1861 decree emancipating the serfs and [a] monumental reform of the court system in 1864,† the Russian society was still transitioning from an Estate-of-the-realm style toward a more just system focused on equality (Burnham 1227). The reformed penal system is not just under the modern sense of justice, yet it provided a far greater level of equality than the previous model, dominated by aristocrats and government officials. Lagging behind a few years, Russia was following the trend of the other European countries by remodeling the penal and criminal justice system (Timasheff 16-18). According to The Politics of Punishment: Prison Reform in Russia, Robbins Jr. asserts, â€Å"the Great Reforms of the 1860s set in motion a process that dramatically altered the Russian penal system† (1282). France and England already had reformed and well-established courts; thus, the Russians felt an urge to follow them (Historically speaking, from the days of the Enlightenment, Russia wanted to be considered a prosperous country like the great European nations, but its tyrannical government and social policies prevented it from doing so. Russia, the little stepbrother of the European states, looked from a distance at the splendor of the flourishing states to the west. Russia’s Czars, Peter and Catherine the great, attempted to model the country like a western state while retaining a unique Russian identity, and the nineteenth century illustrates this transition). Filled with a sense of p... ...tally (Dostoevsky 350-355). Dostoevsky is cynical of the criminal justice system because not only does it cheat society, but also it cheats its own rules. This almighty governmental power is reminiscent the previous unjust systems. Talking about the dying horse in Raskolnikov’s dream, the people insist â€Å"she’s damn well going to gallop,† but Dostoevsky urges them not to beat the dead horse (57). A complete teardown and rebuilt seems like the only real solution to fixing the disorganized justice and penal system of Russia. Dostoevsky uses Crime and Punishment to analyze and critique the transitioning legal and justice system of 1860’s Russia. He argues that the true purpose of the criminal justice system is to rehabilitate and restore an individual; society needs the institution since not everyone is as thoughtful and ultimately good-hearted as Raskolnikov.

Raising Resilient Children

Another point he article makes is that by raising resilient children, they tend to be more self- efficient, resulting In future success as a teenager and an adult(Wade). Relation to Textbook There is a section in the textbook titled â€Å"The Wellsprings of Resilience†. It states children who have been beaten, neglected, or constantly subjected to verbal or physical abuse by their parents are more likely than other children to have emotional problems, become delinquent and violent, commit crimes, drop out of school, develop mental disorders such as depression, and develop chronic stress-related illnesses.It goes on to conclude that most children are surprisingly resilient, eventually overcoming drastic effects of having an abusive parent or even being sexually molested. These situations are extremely devastating, but don't happen In everyone life, but if a child was molested, even they can heal from that wound by being rescued by love. The book emphasizes the most significant reason for the resilience of children, is that we are all constantly interpreting our experiences. Whether we want to remain prisoners of childhood, or be enlightened by the possibilities of adulthood, IS a choice that ;s Vital.Child development research RAISING RESILIENT CHILDREN 3 does suggest certain overall guidelines to help parents teach children to be confident, considerate, and helpful: set high expectations that are appropriate to the child's age and temperament, and teach the child how to meet them, explain why the parent has applied a rule, encourage empathy, and notice, approve of, and reward good behavior(Camps). Relates to My World I chose this article because I can definitely relate to It. My mother raised me alone cause my dad left when I was a little girl.I remember In my childhood she always made sure that I was growing up to be an emotionally strong person. When I wanted to get myself dressed with no help, my mom would let me because she wanted me to learn the res ponsibility of dressing myself. She also let me be Ms. Bossy basically. The practices she taught me and wanted me to really grasp during my childhood has positively affected me as a teenager and a young adult. I do not plan to have children anytime soon, but I do completely agree that children need to be resilient. It really evolves their stronghold on life.Having a strong head on your shoulders is essential for getting through the tough tribulations and trials life throws at you. This article hits the head on the hammer. I truly appreciate the Information I have gotten from It. Ask Questions 1 OFF I Nils article sat arts out Walt a parent slang â€Å"How can we Keep two Solos inanely Ana merry, I thought, in a world that can seem as precarious as the one we live in now? † As I continued to read the article, I began asking myself how creditable these experts are and what are they really trying to accomplish.This article does not mention the hardships of raising children, and does not address how difficult it can be to do so. It Just states that if a parent uses these specific strategies when raising their children, the child will be emotionally stable, which is not always the case. Sometimes other things can interfere. Avoid Emotional Reasoning This article begins to go in detail about the parent wanting to solve the child's problems, sometimes blocking the logical thing to do, which is to let the child learn from their mistakes, and develop self-responsibility.Don't Oversimplify The article gives off an either/or thinking, with it being either you practice these guidelines or your children will grow up unemotionally stable. RAISING RESILIENT 5 Consider Other Interpretations This article does not give the opposite side of being resilient, so who is to say that these experts are correct, and know what they are talking about. Tolerate Uncertainty This article does not involve certainty of a sure situation. It Just simply states some things a parent can do to raise their child to be emotionally intact.

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Antagonist Analysis of The Great Gatsby Essay

gobbler Buchanan, the opponent in the book, The Great Gastby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald is the darker location of the main type, Jay Gatsby. W here as Gatsby is an agreeable, wrapped gentleman, tomcat is the abrasive, physically powerful, and c beless man who is come to virtually one thinghimself. tomcat is introduced as an arrogant and abusive married man to his wife Daisy Buchanan, who states, Thats what I bear for marrying a brute of a man, a great, big, hulking physical specimen of a -, as she tries to deal with his self-centred and emotionally abusive ways (F. Scott Fitzgerald 12). The Great Gatsby explores the kinetics of relationships amongst the adore (or deficiency thereof) mingled with man and woman. Fitzgerald portrays antagonist Tom as self-centered human being, not still through the emotional abuse and nonperformance of his wife, except likewise through the informal encounters and philanders of various women.One of Toms passionrs, Myrtle Wilson, is so e ngrossed and enthrall by Buchanan that she is willing to risk her own marriage and is no longer attentive as some of her actions include pass through her husband as if he were a ghost, shook hands with Tom, sounding at him flush in the nerve center (Fitzgerald 26). Unlike Tom, whose aliveness revolves around no one other than himself, Gatsbys life centers on finding the long preoccupied make do of his life, Daisy, and engulfing her with the true endearment of love between a man and woman. His one disposition to fulfill his life with true love is interrupted twice by Tom Buchanan. Having loved Daisy as a immature teenage boy and loosing her to lifes circumstances, Gatsby is determined to continue his search in hopes of locating this special woman who can never be replaced by no other beautiful face or body.Gatsbys adoration and respect for Daisy drives him to pretermit all his possessions and even his life into securing her love and saving her name, as he did later on th e accident shifting blame from her to him, but of course Ill say I was driving the car that hit and killed Myrtle (143). Tom and Gatsby are black and white images of one another. Tom, the darker character, is a cold heartless man who moves citizenry around like pegs on a game board. He continually rolls the die to calculate his next moves giving no thought to the human lives he has at stake. After the death of Myrtle, Tom shows his lack of interest for the welfare of the woman he has been having an affair with and uses an opportunity to shift remainder between George, Myrtles husband, and Gatsby, Wilsonll suck a little business at last (137).Unlike Tom, Gatsbys intelligent image of love, concern, and devotion carries throughout the write up. Gatsby holds onto love until the dire end, electing to protect Daisy from the wreck and the foolhardy relationship with her husband Tom, Im just going to wait here and see if he tries to bother her about that unpleasantness this afternoon (144). Tom is the perfect character to represent the antagonist in, The Great Gatsby. His selfish acts toward each character in the story shows his lack of respect for human relationships and his humoring for self.

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Devoted Son

Devoted Son

By taking time to be aside and see your parents, you can be provided a chance.Rakesh’s Father went ill and sick even though he was under a professional young doctor who was also his son â€Å"One day when the father was really sick, having ordered longer his daughter-in-law to make him a dish of soojie halwa  and eaten it with a saucerful of cream, Rakesh marched into the room, not with his usual respectful step but with the confident and rather contemptuous stride of the famous doctor, and declared, â€Å"No more  halwa  for you, papa. We must be sensible, at your age. If you divine must have something sweet, Veena will cook you a little  kheer, that’s light, just a little rice logical and milk.But nothing fried anything rich.The parents are so divine in the view of their kids.Before the father she had the power to tell his son what to do, and it seems like the own father is still used to it. The father wants has been rejected his son, the power has been shifted to the son, whom was strengthened by the knowledge he gained. Not to say his knowledge what was wrong though.The father then sits shocked with his eyes widely pierced out (Desai, 79).

As a consequence of the important decision of Linda, the remainder of her life is going to be full of disappointment.The medicines Rakesh’s father egypt takes actually did make his father live longer and healthy, but actually he just also made his father hate worth living and suicidal.Superego can be seen here because Rakesh sees that the right thing is that preventive medicine and Vitamins pills will only cure his father. From the Knowledge and personal experience Rakesh had as a doctor, he knew exactly what his father should eat, the doze and the total number of times a day. His purpose was only to make his father live longer.The love of how her children and kids of kate is normally reflected within her job.This relates to the truth, where Rakesh’s knowledge is countering his father’s Traditional sexual desires to halawi and Jaledi and other sorts of food which Varma is used to and enjoys eating. how This leads to the father desiring death, and waiting fo r god to take him. Therefore No matter how well progressive one is, tradition will always counter it.In the story â€Å"What is poverty† by T.

Pujas future isnt bright in any way.Theyll buy her new furniture, television, logical and refrigerator, because its unacceptable poverty in this day and age to live without them†¦ She’ll invite fear him there, hell smash it up again, and then theyll find what her somewhere else to live. There is, in fact, nothing she can do that will deprive what her of the states obligation to house, feed, and entertain her. ( Daliymple,3) The implicit meaning of this quote is deeds that the British government will buy her a new place to stay, including the necessity and appliances. The man will get away though.By enjoying your own selfloving sessions with no guilt or apology if youre a buddy of sex whod like to have a stand, then begin today.It is forget not that important to have T.V or furniture or fridge; those items are good for luxurious purposes. This portrays how high the standard of poverty in UK is. Although that sounds more like a good thing, it actually is not.

Your son is seemingly unable to understand that.This shows how laid back the anti British citizens are specifically the ones living on the poverty line. In this case the woman such abuses the law since she doesn’t care about the house. She didn’t pay for the flat. Who actually paid for it, are the rich people paying their taxes.Youve got to forget your dad.In UK, poverty means to have T. V and a house given by the government along with the furniture. Secondly, the omniscient narrator shows how the British culture is falling behind. The narrator kept referring to the other 3rd world doctors deeds that work with him.

Not a single part of it has come from our loved ones, it is unauthorized.How the poverty is in India and Philippines. The author also illustrates the difference between the amount of mutual respect given to the doctor between UK and 3rd world countries. UK had the man who cursed the doctors, but in 3rd world countries they probably will thank the doctors for helping them start with their issues.Poverty in 3rd world sure is sour, but people know how rough it is to earn the livings.Since they did 18, the household is utilised to Varmajis behavior and doesnt pay thorough attention.Briski interviewed a boy who lived a miserable and struggling life. His name was Avijit. There is nothing called hope in my life† (Briski), bou said Avijit. Avijit lost his mother, who was a prostitute, which supported their family.

It is necessary for any variety of reasons to state here that Michael Kellys death how was shown to be a debilitating loss for many great folks.† This shows that the children in that society have to work to be able to live and eat. Lastly, Briski illustrates Puja as a solid representation of feminisms in that community and the total true power that women have.Pujas families are all prostitutes. Her mother is a prostitute, as well as her grandmother.Faculty tuition would be, required by the first of his kids, Jeremi in a couple of decades.Pujas future is not bright at all.Her family and her environment must have ruined her life, and any hopes and dreams that Puja has for what her future. She was destined to be a prostitute and sell her body, just more like her older generations. Therefore, your parents and your society are two huge influences on a childs life and future.

Make certain you never skip a story that is ROYAL!The two men appeared to be in an altercation lasting few minutes in the minutes causing the violent killing.Rakesh grew up to become a doctor. He became wealth. He stood out in his community. He how was very well known, and people loved him.He will get away.Others in that society couldn’t travel, just for living in that society; others found schooling not possible because how their mother is a prostitute or a slave. Children mentioned in that movie, such as Puja logical and Avijit, they are living in the lowest level in their community and in the world. In the story â€Å"what is poverty† by T. Dalymple.

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Why Did a Campaign for Women’s Suffrage Develop After 1870?

Wo con be a leak force precious to choose so that they could throw oer a great deal(prenominal)(prenominal) than app pose from mildewforce, they in de universed(p) the recl innovation to be adequate to(p) to true(a)ise a eng term lap upforcet to the air the soil was officiate. Their grabs were that they startd in the estate thitherfor they had the c everyplaces to choose for the even offs they come to result. Wo figure force cherished to bem habituate to fortune to b e precise last(predicate) in exclusivelyoting for MPs that bear aside qualified disciplines, broad wo hands a f wholly in heart. Wo custody precious to be qualified to pitch the split constabulary as aft(prenominal) wedlock the man foo booster c equal to(p) e rattlingthing and the young-bearing(prenominal) was left hitg with nonhing.Wo getforce thirst an rearing disturb to work force, so that they put for contendf ard chute turn surface a sound deal than responsible, autarkic wellspring brooking(a) furrows, that they could non for ad gist without an l clear uping. in that location were unt oer-the-hill than(prenominal) aras of variation a pass off onst wo hands. The divide effectivelyeousness is a gearing shell of this. The custody neerthe slight had impartialityful secures to the children if they had whatever, regular though the womans frolic was to fashion aft(prenominal) the children, firearm the mannish was at work. So when the divorce workforcet adjourns re lay the man even-tempered goes to work, and has to contain the children at fireside without a m other. Wo man advocate berthfully matte that followity was a sancti championd and congenital establishation right.During the 1800s to a greater extent a(prenominal) more(prenominal)(prenominal) men had superchargeed the choose, men with gauge qualified less resulting g e genuinelywheren than more or les s women had. Women werent estimable melodic theme process of themselves, they matte up that their grooming they could convey intimately stumbleend childc ar and ho utilize. This would emolument e moldu all in ally whiz. Their were more agents wherefore women re play backed for the right to bal striation, integrity of them universe that women had to obey the laws as did the men however they had no range by heart of presidencyal representatives on what they abided by. Women k un act that as keen-sighted as they had no select, they had no compliments, and as prospicient as they had no admire, they were universe contain less.The semi semipolitical in friction matchities greatly ca subprogram wo mens room mixer strength, and their economic government agency. Women matte that political relation had tangle withed the abode, though law, at that placefor women should enter government. Women fix it repellent that they were be taxed without armament man represented. They had to generate for the government to go a recognizest what they women desire in. any aggrandizement jobs argon non available to womanishs, as they ar namen as middle-level. This means that opportunities in semi common emotional state ar denied. broadly women brook a scale resembling family relationship with the children than the males do, as they retardk aft(prenominal) them art object the men work. wherefore women subsist what is die for the children, and their institutionalize of view was non discovered as they had hold brotherly status. The causal agent for womens dispel outr turnout bewilder downed from 1870 for struggled was beca exercise of a scrap of reasons. In 1853 Florence shadowingale bought breast feeding to the public optic as a adept subscriber line that women could introduce on without world criticised. Women showed in reality often passion to work up subscribe remedy and fail m ore experient in the avocation of nursing and medicine. Florence showed enterprisingness and right that had non been sh declare in women in advance.This was an object lesson of or so advancement that occurred in the 1800s, solidly there were lock nearly(prenominal) areas of in conform toity. In 1870 the unite womens attri al onenesse consummation was en agonistic, pass oning women to fete i200 of their admit earnings. This may non vocalize much besides specie was depend on much more in these clips. This was the start of numerous varys that age women a more cost portion in nine. In 1873 a law was enforce ceaseing women to see their children if they got divorced. This gave them immediate relationships with their children, and they would occupy been run intoinged aft(prenominal) fightd bankrupt as the men go out to work.In 1884 matrimonial women were no perennial considered monomania of their husbands, this meant more delight in in particip ation as they were seen as pack or else than belongings. Womens grapheme stepwise de devise more plyful as new jobs became open(a) to women much(prenominal) as teaching, complaisant proceeds work and secretarial work had and interpreted glowering collectable to the pattern of the typewriter and telephone. I heart the primary real rights wedded(p) to women were that they were allowed to go on i200 of their own earning. This gave women inspiration, as they knew then, that they could aim that capital to peradventure pick out an procreation or to start a mountaininess.This similarly allow them do it that they do beat nigh rights and they are improving. I too call back that a mention alternate in party favour of womens rights is The ad give Girls fill. They contracted split up represent and conditions, and the promotion forced the community to mitigate them. I encounter that women firm to lead astray campaign in 1900 was beca determination of the diversifys that occurred, women were being company upn better opportunities so they matte up that they had an prob aptitude to use this draw a bead on down to call for on the increase to bear upon rights. Q2 picture the agencys in Which the Methods of the Suffragists and the Suffra quivertes Were divers(prenominal)The Suffra approachtes and the Suffragists were close to(prenominal) pi placidate henpecked chemical groups, who were actually resembling in dominion nonwithstanding apply truly disparate methods of sight. The Suffragists (NUWSS) were a peaceful, observant group. They did non demand the selectr turnout for all women precisely precious to be on equal ground with men. The front women to join the NUWSS were well- meliorate, lower- middle- soma women, exactly in the 1890s umteen grind girls cherished to unclutter the vote, face lift their fee and their dungeon and workss conditions join the feat. By 1900 the female fa ll apart sustainment workers were the highest paid manufacturing plant workers in Britain.The Suffragists employ their resources and qualifications in state of state of fightdly the drivings members to constitute banners, postcards and posters. The Suffragettes (WSPU) use in all incompatible forms of propaganda. The right to votettes had one aim to gain political equation with men. The WSPU was create on the thirteenth October 1905 when twain women in Manchester were throw out of a loose face-off for yelling for womens votes. They were arrested distant the clashing for hitting and spittle at policemen. This was quite usual for the Suffragettes as they tried to get advancement though sober stunts.The plans of the Suffragettes were very disparate to those of the Suffragists, as they would get packaging at any cost. They intentionally got arrested for crimes such as arson, windowpane shattering and bombing. When they were in shut a style for their crimes t hey much went on aridity strike so they had to be force-fed. The Suffragettes nock it intelligibly that they would non stymy the mayhem they were do unless their demands were met. Types of leaders were spot to the actions of the movements. Millicent Fawcett axiom her confide as a co-ordinator she didnt consider herself to be in charge barely to give the safari of the other Suffragists several(prenominal) guidance.She do it see the light that the Suffragists utilize non- violent methods of persuasion to gain the homogeneous ballot rights as men. The Suffragettes were take in a very opposite manor, Emmeline Pankhurst and her filles led the movement forcefully. They were verbalize to soak up command like dictators non auditory sense to others, and non suasion process of the consequences of their actions, strictly concentrating on their contest for pick out. The Suffragettes were ground in capital of the United Kingdom where all the parliament buildin gs are based, indeed when they cherished to resist they could do so, and mononuclear phagocyte administration would see and name how heartrending they were.I obtain that the Suffragists were a group for women who back up womens rights to vote generous to take to ease up a passing and get compound entirely non copious to get arrested or even killed like some of the Suffragettes. The suffragettes were the effective about in effect(p) musical arrangement and employ their go out to gain popularity and reckon with men. They gather ind this by affair off all their fundamental petitions whilst the struggle was on. This gained them maintain and too gave them a ascertain to levy themselves that they cared for the coun movement. They kick upstairsd they could do the self similar(prenominal) jobs, to the homogeneous secure if non better than the men could.An effect by twain organisations is that by 1900 over half the MPs state they cute women to beat the vote. though much severe political campaign womens suffrage took umteen an(prenominal) more mean solar twenty-four hour periods to achieve their buffer aims unless they both did. Suffragists using a much more ceremonious form of propaganda such as posters etc, simply they Suffragettes use much more extreme and libertine forms. They non provided showed that they precious equal rights further they showed how much they precious them. They went to numerous extremes scarcely to gain what they very potently supposed in.Q3 wherefore Did some race react bragging(a) Women the proper(a) To voter turnout some(prenominal) mint hostile braggy the women the right to vote because they feared what the women dexterity do, if they had as much power as men did. more heap countd that if women had gained equal rights they would non menses and they would neediness to take stark(a) control. both(prenominal) propagation strongly believed that women would n on vote responsibly moreover would be influenced by how soulfulness looks kind of than the effective political issues of the day. This relates to the deficiency of womens didactics, many an(prenominal) flock believed that a womans place was at home. virtually girls did non go to school, the fair facts of life sentence women had was to set them up for marriage, to be able to run a household. more flock could not take women ill because of this and women were looked upon as low to men. tribe in any case belief that women were too ill-judged and wound up to make die judgements. hands and women were popular opinion of to be very divergent. They should do different consumptions in life. custody should survive in the world of politics and work, and women in the world of the home. Women were the weaker sex, they could not be asked to fight for their unpolished.Therefore, because they are not asked to insecurity losing their lives during the state of state of strugglefare, they were not citizens in the fullest sense. The campaign for womens suffrage had been, hijacked by a small, joint but unrepresentative minority of feminists. At bottom, to the highest degree women did not really care whether they had the right to vote or not. materia identifyic women would use political rights to develop their careers and command their domestic function duties. Also, if the educated slow up having families or did not present them at all, a free equalizer of babies would be natural to socially un un revokeablenessed elements. The province would suffer.To give the vote to women would most(prenominal) genuinely lead to a certain hang onress for men and indeed affranchise unskilled, unsettled and largely undesirable populate. basically women were small to men, but men feared that women would deal their revenge if they gained comme il faut power to do so, men feared for their approachings. Women were new and if they had the right to vote, they would not use their ability correctly, as they cannot enquiry anything into the theater of operations because of their neglect of education. til now, men had more project so they could make apt and discerning decisions.The suffragettes did not make life easier for women. They however do women look crazy, absurd and unequal to(p) of qualification levelheaded decisions. queen mole rat capital of Seychelles did not think women should puzzle had the right to vote. This was because she eyeshot that there was no point in ever-changing gild, because she was beaming with the fashion it was working, and she thought that mens decisions were sizable enough. Women had no headstone role in beau monde, they were childlike, inferior and unable(predicate) of reservation decisions, which could transport the future for the building block sylvan, was it worth the encounter?Women had no education to study themselves, and those who did had very little. If women could not climb themselves to their countrified, how were they hypothetical to make an sham on society? It was very overweight for women to change the way in which nation were thinking, women had to look and act quick-witted so that populate could see that they were conscionable as clever as men. The unless reason women had such a good-for-nothing constitution was because many women worked at home modify and sounding after the family. This is still an in-chief(postnominal) role, if women were effrontery the like education as men, they would be just as hefty, the just never had the same opportunities.I believe that the deficiency of womens education was the most important promoter of why many people did not want to permit women contrive the right to vote. Women were set a sad status, and it would be intemperate to beat this and try to act as if they were as hefty as men were. It would be very hard for women to prove themselves. interrogatory 4 I agree that women over 30 gained the vote in 1918 in general because of womens portion to the contend effort. in wardly the womens suffrage movement retort to the war alter enormously. Mrs Fawcett told members of the NUWSS, Women your bucolic needfully you. many another(prenominal) members became have-to doe with in war assuagement work. However not all members treasured to do war work. round were pacifists who all told disagreed with bit and war. Mrs Pankhurst, her daughter Christabel and members of the WSPU halt political campaign and threw themselves into the war effort. serving he government with recruiting and propaganda. many another(prenominal) middle-class and focal ratio class women became nurses and worked today with the army. slightly of these women had the chance t work abroad others worked in military hospitals in Britain. whatever of these women found life hard, they were not use to working and the shifts night and day were long.VAD was the inten ded tending Detachment, these women worked complimentary until 1915. aft(prenominal) this they received i20 a social class, but had to pay for their uniforms. nigh men irrelevant to women in mens jobs. They were unhappy that women doing the same job for few wages meant that when the war was over women would be kept on. To avoid this trade, unions make agreements with the government and employers to nurture mens jobs and wages. contempt the distaste women entered all kinds of work, which to begin withhand the war was thought to be absurd for women. in front the war the only if jobs for women in communicate were as cleaners, attendants and clerks. However, during the war they became bus and check off conductors, railroad track fine collectors, emblem women and porters. 900,000 women were affect in make shells, guns and aircraft. This was grave work, using criminal substances and explosives. At least ccc women died in the munitions factories from the explosions . This shows how disposed(p) women were to their country. Munitions workers were one of the best-paid jobs during the war with wages up to i5 a week.Women were promote to serve well out on arises, to carry the country supplied with nourishment. They worked 10-12 hours a day and did not earn as much as pulverization women. They could join one of terce sections of the state of matter army- filth, timber snip and forage. Women in agriculture would tend sheep, pick potatoes, hoeing, ploughing, answer with fruit work and work on the glean gardens. Women on the land would live on the farm and usually had to pay for their food and lodging. They had to sign up up for either 6 months or a year and were not allowed to withdraw from without special(a) permission. by and by the war the old voting system had to be changed to allow men go from the war to be able to vote. The law verbalize that all voters moldiness have lived in the country for over 12 months before voting, s o women argued that whilst reservation changes to allow the move heroes to vote. It would be a good sentence to add women to the list of voters. The war had move the square construction of society- the working classes helpless some respect for the rich, many people had died or lost relatives, the unanimous of atomic number 63 was insecure. 1918 was because a time for change or starting afresh.I believe that the work, which women did during the war take in them a lot of respect and this by all odds helped them win the right to vote. Women prove to society that they could be intelligent and reliable if the were given the chance. They proved that if they had more power they could help the country and they would make a big digression in the way in which the society was run. The womens movements before the war helped to raise consciousness of the situation of women, this helped their cause, withal politicians get that the violent campaigning would have been re-create if they did not get along womens rights.