Saturday, February 22, 2020

Current Event Article 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Current Event Article 2 - Essay Example The case study method was used for the research study because the data generated can be interpreted in a number of ways. The British company Phipps Brothers was used because of the fact that it was founded by three brothers. As the company expanded, it faced many obstacles to growth in other markets. The business came up with three strategies to help combat these challenges: cost reduction, professionalism, and focus on specific markets. Phipps Brothers enacted these changes and the firm was able to expand to other European countries. Analysis: This article highlights the challenges that small and medium-sized firms have when entering into international business. If there is not a strong supply chain, then it can be difficult to establish a presence in a foreign market. Just as in the case used in this article, sometimes a company’s strategies need to change because something comes up that it did not foresee. What works well in the home market may not always prove successful overseas. Family-run businesses have the additional problem of personally knowing the other partners in the business. One hallmark about family-run businesses is that they are usually founded on a certain principle or belief, and this may need to be adapted when expanding

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Company Case ESPN Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Company ESPN - Case Study Example In essence, ESPN’s product is the availability of sports knowledge, discussion as well as video and audios of live games, across a wide variety of platforms. At its heart ESPN is a 24-hour cable network that focuses on sports and entertainment based content for television, however the cable network is only one piece of the entire ESPN brand. The brand now contains more than 50 different businesses. Product wise, the brand consists of six cable channels which are home to many important sporting events such as the IndyCar Series and NBA finals, a sports radio network, ESPN The Magazine and a website that offers streaming video and audio as well as downloadable pods casts. ESPN’s augmented product is its ability to provide accurate and up to date information and commentary about all areas of the sports industry and its delivery of this information across many different media types 4. ESPN has strong brand equity. Its name is immediately associated with sports, and the easy access to information that the brand provides across its many different platforms ensures wide recognition from consumers. There is a strong relationship between the brand equity of ESPN and its brand value. The value of its brand can be seen by large number of products and media that ESPN is present on, the continued growth of the company and its longevity. The cable network alone earns close to twice the amount per subscriber each month than the next most profitable network, Fox Sports ($2.91 and $1.67 respectively). Benefits: This association has resulted in the acquisition of many new viewers and gave the network the ability to host key sporting events, and types of sporting events that they did not previously have access to. Possible risks: ESPN has little control over the quality of the merchandise that is produced, and any negative responses to the cobranded