Friday, November 8, 2019

buy custom Causes of Domestic Violence essay

buy custom Causes of Domestic Violence essay Domestic violence is a conflict that takes place at home. It is a conflict that is perpetuated by one member of the family against the other. It may be perpetuated by the father towards the mother and children. Alternatively, it may be perpetuated by the mother against the father and children. Sometimes, even children become sources of violence, which they direct towards their parents. Domestic violence may arise as a result of social causes and emotional causes (Anderson, 1997). There are many social causes that result in domestic violence. These social causes include: In most cases, problems in relationships bring about conflicts within a family. These problems may arise out of lack of communication. When family members do not communicate that aspirations, wishes, ambitions, hopes and fears, other family members fail to understand what motivates them to behave in the manner that they do. In some families, the spouses are too busy in the workplace to make time for their family members. For this reason, problems arise as far as the task of creating social bonds is concerned. In most cases, it is parents who fail to give their children the attention the need in order to provide them with guidance. At other times, it is one of te spouses who fail to nurture a serious love relationship with her wife in order for their relationship to be strengthened. In this situation, one of the spouses can easily feel out of touch with the family, causing dissent, conflict and violence. Lack of trust can also lead to domestic violence. A family is the most basic organizational unit. For it to function, the husband and wife have to live in harmony. These two people cannot live in harmony without a build-up of a bond of trust between them. Each partner should always be sure of the other persons trust and loyalty. Decisions should involve all parties. Unfortunately, this sometimes does not happen, leading to conflicts. Sometimes, children also cause conflicts when they feel that their parents no longer trust their abilities and aspirations. If their needs are not being taken care of, they may think that the parents do not trust these childrens abilities although this may not be the case. Some parents direct their trust to some children and they deny it to others mainly because of perceived weaknesses and strengths. In this way, they pity these children against each other, a situation that leads to a bitter conflict that lasts for a very long times. Misunderstanding is another social probleem that manifests itself through problems in a relationship. Sometimes, the actions of one family member are misunderstood by the other family members. For instance, all family members may fail to understand why the father has decided to spend all the previous years savings to pay for his advanced education while the children have been sent home from school for lack of school fees. Although the father may mean well for the family by taking this action, no one may realize this since there is a misunderstanding of his actions. When misunderstandings occur, it is easy for every person in the family to blame the person next to him, especially if this misunderstanding has caused a major blunder, an accident or damage to the reputation of the family in the eyes of the public. Misunderstanding may lead to lack of trust, something that leads to serious problems in relationships. Clarification is needed all the time in order to avoid misunderstandings from taking place. Infidelity is another major cause of domestic violence. Infidelity means lack of faithfulness by one spouse. A spouse may decide to commit adultery when the other not around or is looking the other side. When this spouse comes around or turns towards that other side and finds the spouse committing adultery, domestic violence arises. Buy custom Causes of Domestic Violence essay

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