Monday, May 27, 2019

A Woman’s Place Is In the Home Essay

The saying A Womans Place Is In the pedestal seems extremely provokative to me. I refuse to accept this idea. I strongly believe that a woman should develop some professional skills and have a transmission line. Anyway, the enquire to work or not to work is quite often raised in many families because the issue is not so clear. In my presentation Id like to dwell on the advantages and disadvantages of the situation in which a woman has to combine family and career. I will start with the drawbacks the family may suffer from. Ive singled out 5 of them. 1. Its very hard sometimes to juggle family and career. A woman experiences lack of free time, lack of sleep which may sink to stress and problems with health. 2. A woman may start paying less attention to her economize and her children.As a consequence, they may get dissapointed, they may take down feel that their wife and mother doesnt love them any more. 3. Because of stress a woman may start pouring all her worries to her spouse thus irritating him. It may result in divorse. 4. A woman may retire into herself and her career thus provoking the possibility of adultery on her economises part who may seek endearment elsewhere. 5. In case a womans career is more successful than that of her spouse it may dictate a strain on the marriage. Some men just cant put up with the fact that their wife earns more than they do. Now I will pass to the benefits which the family may have if a woman works. Ill mebtion 10 of them. 1. Financial aspect more income.2. A womans egoism and fulfillment are developed. 3. Communication with other people beyond the family circle meets social needs of a human being. 4. Family relationships become more balanced, a husband respects his wife, doesnt reproach her. Equality. 5. A woman feels more affection and love for her family because she misses them. 6. Children become more independent with an internalized sense of responsibility. 7. A woman becomes best groomed and better dressed t hus feels happier. 8. Social benefits (insurance policy, social security).9. Financial independence. A woman becomes a productive and contributing member of the family. 10. A job generates self-discilpline, sets order in life and makes a woman a perfect time-manager. Summing it all up Id like tosay that Im absolutely convinced that the benefits mentioned above prevail all the disadvantages. It worths taking risks and truing at least. In my opinion a womans place is not scarcely in the home because a woman is a much more talanted and gifted creature than many men believe.

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