Wednesday, May 29, 2019

God I Hate... :: essays research papers

idol I HateGod, I hate getting up this early. But I only got three months left then Ill never have to get up early again. Three more months and this time I graduate. Dads doing moderately good on the railroad job now. Hasnt been laid off for a couple of years now. David is doing good in the Navy, and my future at greaser Bell is almost a guarantee. Dont know why this diploma shit is so important to everyone, Im making 165.00 a week now and Im only 18 Thats better than some factories and I dont work as gravid as they do. If I wasnt going to this dumbass high school everyday Ill bet I could make 200 or even 225 dollars a week. Theyd let me work. Im the best employee they got. Someday Ill own Taco Bell.Okay Okay Im up prick it I yell at Mom as I st ar at the clock. Jesus She didnt graduate, and she did okay. If she only knew how badly I hated that jell Nothing was the same as it was when I was a kid. Teachers taught for the money. They dont give a damn about us at each(prenominal) . Suddenly all the guys Id grown up with were black. That means they cant be seen hanging with me because Im now white clams. Dont remember it bothering them when Id spend the night at their house or theyd stay over at mine. nowadays Im part of the race that owned and sold them. Go figure. I never owned a slave. Near as I could tell, no one in my families past had ever owned one either. Oh well, timed to get ready. School starts in 30 minutes. Mom is already to take me. I think she gets off pissing me off. Was I supposed to do some homework for today? Oh well, tough shit. Theyll get it when I give it to them. Now where are my jeans? God its cold I hate mornings. I hate school. I hate the teachers. I hate most of the students. Why did I ever go back? Mom is taking me to school in her bathrobe again Now aint that a cool look Dingy pink nylon. Oh God She even has the fuzzy pink slipper on Oh this is a lovely sight. Pulling up to Marion High in a 1972 Ford station station waggon driv en by a crazy woman dressed in a nightgown and slippers And pink, raggedy ones at that Dad could get a better cable car now but will he?

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