Thursday, May 30, 2019

Life of George Eliot aka Mary Ann Evans Essay -- essays research pape

George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans) lived from 1819 to 1880. She was raised in a very traditional family. Her father was a farmer who managed various estates, and he made certain that his young woman was given a very strict Methodist education. She attended a series of boarding schools where she learned that which was typical for a young lady in the early part of the nineteenth century -- subjects such as French, piano, and handwriting. While at these boarding schools, she frequently turned to fiction as a puzzle out of amusement, establishing at an early age the foundation upon which her later novels would be based. Despite this traditional upbringing, though, Mary Ann Evans lived an adult life that many considered to be utterly scandalous. In the mid-1840s she began to question seriously the Christian faith in which she was raised, and by the end of the 1840s she had abandoned the church altogether. This questioning of religion may have initiated her literary career, though, her trans formation of Das Leben Jesu, a controversial inquiry into the tenets of Christianity, gained her some notice in L...

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