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Discussing the relationship between son and father Essay

Discussing the relationship between son and father - Essay Example The persona is helpless and this only explains the fact that the war in the World War II most affected the powerless in the region. Many themes are evident in this text such as; betrayal, resistance, collaboration and the relationship between father and son. The mood is somber because the persona hopes to save his family from the experience they all had with Holocaust but to his surprise, they are all gone. The group that was concerned with this form of inhumanity was referred to as â€Å"Nazis† and it supported the move by the Parisians. This group was made up of the Germans who were followers of Hitler. The Nazis were also against the existence of the Jewish in Paris hence, collaborated with the French policemen in order to destroy their existence. This was a form of betrayal by the Germans to the Jews since, they were neighbors in a foreign country but they still went ahead and collaborated with the natives in order to destroy them. All forms of inhuman activities are evide nt during this time and Eliezer cannot help but take the bull by its horn. He witnesses people being hang and burnt and he lives each day for his father. He says that the only thing that prevented him from dying was his father. This is because, without him, his father could not make it alone. However, it is ironic how some of the prisoners turn cruel just as the Nazis. The prisoners who are captives together with their fathers start mistreating their fathers for their survival. This relationship between a father and a son is supposed to be mutual but to Eliezer’s surprise, it is even worse than the relationship that can ever exist between two people not sharing blood. Eliezer narrates a story that involves three instances where the sons mistreat their father for their survival. In one instance, a son killed his father just to have a piece of bread to himself. This was uncouth because, just because the food that was offered to them was not enough, a son had to kill his father in order to save his own life. This happened when a German threw a piece of bread in the cattle truck the prisoners had been herded into during transportation. Another character referred to as, the son to Rabbi Eliahu is also seen abandoning his slow and weak father at the occurrence of a mad run for the purpose of increasing his chances that were left to save his life. In addition, Elizier also felt this form of burden through his father’s presence and that is why, he kept on fighting just to be alive for him. The live incidence when their fellow prisoners were hung in front of them was heartbreaking and saddening and in fact, this is what contributed to the hostile relations between fathers and sons (Wiesel, 2006). The sons starved to keep their lives going and since the presence of their father was a hindrance as they had to be reluctant in making any steps that might have left them behind, the only solution was to finish them completely. This was the highest degree of inh umanity. In this text, the author intertwines the past with the present to bring out the real meaning of the life that was experienced during the World War II in 1942. A story about a 10-year-old girl called Sarah; helps a journalist, Julia to uncover the true story about her husband’s family who are French. It is so sad to learn that the same people living in the modern world are the same people who mistreated

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