Sunday, September 8, 2019

MGT CHECKPOINT W3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

MGT CHECKPOINT W3 - Essay Example For the format, I would want to take each objective at a time and give a list of things Kim is planning to do, that will make that goal achievable. For example, one of the departmental goals is to increase sales by 10% this fiscal year, what actions would Kim take to give the company 10% increase in sales. If I were Kim, I would use the following framework. First, determine the action framework. Here, questions like, what must be done, why must it be done, when should it be done, who should do it, where should it be done and how should it be done are answered. Secondly, a brilliant plan must have a contingency plan or a back up, which gets the supervisor prepared if something goes wrong. Thirdly, in his plan to achieve objectives, a supervisor must be in line with the existing policies, procedures, rules of a company. The last issue and most remarkable thing for consideration in planning are budgeting, where the initial proposal of a budget is vested on a supervisor. I do not think that Kim’s initial reaction to the planning process is unusual. Planning process is a complex subject, and without proper guidelines, one may not perform well. Kim despite working in this company for seven years as a sales specialist was not familiar with the planning

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