Friday, September 13, 2019

Termination Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Termination - Essay Example In such instances, it generally becomes necessary for the organization to consider terminating the employee. Termination should be considered as the most severe form of punishment that an organization can possibly impose on an employee and as such, it should be the most carefully considered form of disciplinary action. The experience of going through a job termination is considered to be traumatic for all of an organization’s employees. Of note is that the termination of employees at different levels or positions within the same organization varies considerably; Unlike the employees working in the lower level positions of the organizations, an organization’s executives and CEOs often do not have to worry about the probability of their positions being eventually eliminated. The main worry that individuals at this level often have is that of ensuring that they constantly try and please the organization’s board of directors because it is these boards that are tasked with the responsibility of firing and hiring of these executives. Most of the time, the board of directors only undertakes the rather drastic action of firing an executive or CEO due to a loss of confidence in the executive. This loss of confidence might be brought about by a number of factors that include a general decline in the level of productivity, the emergence of philosophical differences between the executive in question and the board of directors, economic reasons, or if there is a need to reorganize the organization. Of note however is that there are currently no formal termination appeal procedures for employees at this level (Mondy, 2013, p. 367). This group of employees is widely considered to be the most neglected and vulnerable in respect to employment termination. While an organization’s executives generally tend to have a considerable degree of clout that might aid in helping them to successfully

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