Friday, June 21, 2019

My Travel Experience in Sri Lanka Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

My Travel Experience in Sri Lanka - Essay ExampleI was olfactory sensation really excited about the days ahead of me and could barely wait for the plane to touch d possess.Finally, the plane landed. It was hot and humid in June. It was almost a 3 hour long drive from the air port to Galle where my host family lived. Mr. Smith, a plump and pleasant man was my host and he welcomed me .After a perfectly introduction I was led to what was considered the biggest room in his house. I entered the room and felt a bit ill at ease since the room was very narrow with only two beds. Everything in the room was dark brown in colour. The full length mirror was stained to the extent that one could not see anything on it. I felt suffocated but rested on my bed while talking to other volunteers. Soon it was time for the meal and I inquired about the menu to which I received a very strange smile from my friend.Laid on the table were four yellow dishes and I straightaway recognized that they were al l curries. The water spinach was chopped up and cooked in curry, the tuna fish was cooked in curry, the potato and carrots were cooked in curry. I filled up my plate with boiled white rice and tried each curry. The curry on the table tasted very different from Indian, Thai or Japanese curry. It has its own special herb smell and was very salty as well as spicy. What surprised me was that the rice was also salty and spicy. Suddenly, I saw nearly little ants and spiders walking on the table. I was startled for a second and looked around. I saw everyone enjoying their meal and hence I kept quite. I end off my meal with lots of water and went back to the small room quickly.The next day was my first day of volunteering at an orphanage. Our responsibility was to take care, present and play with the babies at the orphanage. We hired a tu-tu the motor pedicab to reach our destination and paid only rupees 80(about 0.6 USD) for

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