Monday, June 17, 2019

Philosophy of God, Religion, and Spirituality Article

Philosophy of God, organized religion, and Spirituality - Article ExampleThe concepts are connected to God. Despite the differences in these understandings, both depict the concept of an individual may be religious but not sacred (Berryman 67). Additionally, they both bring the understanding that a person can be both religious and spiritual in the context that religion connects to spirituality through an abstract feeling or a supernatural object that creates belief.Therefore, it is agreeable that religion defines guidelines and beliefs that its followers hold to while spirituality defines an individuals own reality, with direction to an object. Philosopher A is reluctant to quote that children are born with spirituality thus, little should be through with(p) to influence their spirituality since they will bond to what society provides. On the other hand, B and I concede the necessity of upbringing children in an atmosphere where they have got to understand the reasons why certa in things happen in certain ways. Philosopher A espouses his position by identifying innate ability that children are born with that makes the newborn heart-to-heart of identifying objects and activities or practices around them (the children or newborn). B identifies children as societal responsibility that will transform to become what they have been molded to be.From the above premises, it is certain that children are entire subjects of societal beliefs and dispositions. They often grow and become adults defined by the values the society has imparted on them. Certainly, Spirituality connects us to God through religion. Religion sets the guidelines and principles that direct an individuals spiritual world (Berryman).

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