Thursday, June 6, 2019

Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America Essay Example for Free

Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America EssayThe research gives the patient as hale as the doctors and other healthcare professionals the breeding to be able to make the best decisions possible with treatments for each different individual as well as the support of the Government in this research. The political economy of medical product development determines how pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies establish their funding priorities.According to industry estimates, it takes an average of $800 million and 10-15 years to develop a late drug, medical device, or biologic and bring it to the market (Resnick, 2003) Scope The overall scope of PhRMA is to do research in improving the quality of healthcare and how to do this. With the ultimate goal being patients receiving health care that is most efficient. Making received that the research that is done is prioritized by the needs of the patients as well as society as a whole, having the research cover not onl y specific treatments costs and savings, but the costs of all healthcare treatments as a whole.As well as making sure that all technologies are used appropriately in all of healthcare. Design The design of PhRMA is to make sure that the research that is done is quality research. The data needs to be sufficient in nature as well as having the studies that are done exhibition both the opportunities to improve as well as the strengths to improve upon. Making sure that the research that is done is up to date in this ever changing field so that it is providing the best results possible.The research needs to be both of a broad nature as well as a specifically direct nature, covering aspects that are heavy to society and the patients. Considering both economic issues and how well patients can be productive members of society, doing additional research to get patients to that menses if they are not. Application PhRMA needs to make sure that the research that they are doing shows that no t all patients are equal in the needs that they have medically and that if the research is not done on a personal level and done instead on a population level then the results allow not show the individuals needs.In short, research that is done on a broader spectrum is only one way that can help people and the doctors to make an sure decision on care. With all of the technology that is out in the world of healthcare people needs to be informed on the other options that they may have for treatment. The government research should consider a balance in communicating the findings of its research. Giving access to peer reviewed results so that treatment decisions are well rounded before a decision is made.Government decisions related to the funding and conduct of health outcomes research should be made through open, transparent procedures that look appropriate and agely involvement of stakeholders such as patients, health care professionals and medical researchers on issues such as proposed research goals, canvass designs and communication of study results. (Resnick, 2003) In this communication, keeping in mind that all people can react differently to different treatments making sure to keep the needs of the patients as well as the value in mind.Discussion The article that I read was very interesting. I did not realize with the complication of research, especially with in the healthcare industry exactly how much of it really does affect the economy. Giving patients the variety in the different treatments that they receive can have a authoritative effect on the economy. It can over time change pricing (costs inputs), and with additional research that is constantly done on the variety of the treatments over time will help to create medical advances over time.In the mission statement of PhRMA it states To conduct effective advocacy for public policies that encourage discovery of important new medicines for patients by pharmaceutical and biotechnology researc h companies.

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