Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Criminal Justice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Criminal Justice - Essay Example The agency also provides funding and certain oversight of community supervision (previously known as adult probation) and is responsible for the supervision of offenders released from prison on parole or mandatory supervision. During my visit to the Huntsville Office of the Inspector General, which is situated in Lake Rd. Suite 5, Texas, I have decided to talk to John Moriarty, Inspector General on his role and responsibilities. He is an important actor of TDCJ. A prior meeting was fixed with Mr. Moriarty. I reached in his Huntsville office at the scheduled time. Mr. Moriarty gave me a warm welcome. He heads the Investigation Department, which conducts investigation into the charges of grave bad behavior by employees and criminal breach on the organization property where interests are at risk by any violation. Smuggling of drugs and other goods not permitted in jail premises also comes under the investigation of the Office of Inspector General. Mr. Moriarty: My position of Inspector General is directly answerable to the Chairman, TBCJ, as you can see in the chart behind on the wall. (Mr. Moriarty turned his face towards the wall showing the chart, outlining the organization structure). Mr. Moriarty: Being independent of other departments, the mission of my office reflects its duties in working as a coordinating and communicating bridge between TBCJ, executive management, and investigating charges besides checking compliance with regulations and policies of the TDCJ. It is also our aim to see that the laws of the State of Texas are adhered to by the TBCJ. Other than that, we investigate waste, fraud and abuse of tax dollars in the agency. We are also a part of Joint Home & Defense initiatives of the Governor’s office and the FBI. Mr. Moriarty: It is wrong to say like that. Our Crime Stoppers â€Å"Behind the Wall† is a program that covers

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