Sunday, August 18, 2019

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Choices Tim O’Brien was drafted to the Vietnam War. He didn’t want to go to the war. So he went to the northern woods in the northern Minnesota. He had to make a choice whether to go to the war or not to go to the war. After spending six days with guy Elroy he decides to go. Tim O’Brien went to the war for the wrong reasons. He didn’t even think that there should be a war. He saw no reason at all why they should be fighting. He says â€Å"I was drafted to a war I hated... [I was] politically naive, but even so the American war in Vietnam seemed to me wrong. Certain blood shed for uncertain reason. â€Å"He hated this war and had so many questions about it. he says â€Å" It was my view then, and still is that you don’t make a war without knowing why.† he didn’t believe in it and didn’t know why we were fighting so why should he go to a war. He didn’t want to go to war. He wasn’t made for war. He even says , â€Å"I was no solider. I hated dirt and tents and mosquitoes. The sight of blood made me queasy.......† Now come on he didn’t even like anything to do with outdoors what good would he even do for our country. He minds well stay home and go to school. He was too young and had too much to lose. He even got a scholarship to a good school. â€Å"... I had the world dicked - Phi Beta Kappa and Summa Cum Laude and president of the student body and a full ride scholarship for grad studies at Harvard.† It must have been a mistake cause I was too young. â€Å" a month after graduating from Macalester college. I was drafted to fight a war I hated. I was twenty-one years old, young, yes.† Way too young to go to war. He was too embarrassed not to go. He was afraid to be laughed out of town. â€Å" ... and it was easy to imagine people sitting around a table down at the old Gobbler Cafe on Mainstreet, coffee cups poised, the conversation slowly zeroing in on the young O’Brien kid, how the damned sissy had taken off for Cananda.† Now think about those reasons aren’t very good for going to fight for our country.

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