Monday, August 12, 2019

Why societies collapse Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Why societies collapse - Essay Example They have happened thousands of years ago and will continue to happen as new empires and societies rise and fall. There are different and numerous reasons for the demise and the fall of societies and for most of these societies and civilizations, the causes are the same and similar. The usual aspects that cause the collapse and the decline of a certain civilization or empire are economic, environmental, political, social and cultural factors. Some causes take effect immediately and others are gradual. Some reasons and factors for the collapse of a society are certain and others, a mystery. Throughout world history, there are several notable and famous empires and kingdoms that have collapsed after several years of their rise and development politically, economically and socially. The Han Dynasty in China was one of the most influential and the most powerful empires in ancient China. Today, the majority of an ethnic group of people in China are called â€Å"the people of the Han.â₠¬  Even though they were greatly powerful and was an immense empire, they collapsed after four hundred years of reign and rule. There were several reasons why this great and grand empire and dynasty declined and eventually collapsed and fell. One of the main reasons for their ruin was the wars and the invasion and attacks by different groups that resulted in the weakening of the empire’s economy. ... ty, in an attempt to make reforms that would effectively reinstate and bring back the success, prosperity and the glory of the empire, made far-reaching modifications and alterations. However, natural disasters struck and resulted in a scarcity of food supply. Rebellions by peasants sprung up and Wang Mang died soon after. Although the Han dynasty was able to recover from the great downfall of the economy, it never regained back its great success and affluence and in 220 AD, formerly collapsed and came to an end. After hundreds of years on the other side of the world, the Roman Empire also experienced its rise and fall. Just like the Han Dynasty, it was one of the greatest empires in history and similarly, there were also a number of different grounds and causes of its fall. One of the said key reasons was the split of the Roman Empire between the West and the East (also known as the Byzantium Empire.) There were also several civil wars that occurred. Some emperors such as Commodus g ave in to immorality and practiced violence, which caused his assassination and this resulted in the beginning of the collapse of the empire. The Roman people ultimately lost their power as barbarian ns in the North frequently invaded and attacked. The Roman army started to become disloyal to the empire. The infrastructures such as bridges and pathways were not maintained, causing trade and communication to stop. Christians were heavily persecuted and people gathered in crowds and cheered on as people died violent deaths. The falling economy caused food supply to run out. With all these troubles and problems, the Roman Empire in time collapsed and fell. The causes and reasons for the fall of both the Han Dynasty in the East and the Roman Empire in Europe ere certain. However, it is not

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