Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Briefing Article 750 words & Case Analysis Report 1000 words include Essay

Briefing Article 750 words & Case Analysis Report 1000 words include appropriate 2-3 graphics - Essay Example They have more than 300,000 Team Members at corporate offices and they have owned, managed and franchised properties in 90 different countries. Audience: Hilton worldwide focuses business and cooperate class worldwide. Their main target is business people who travel from country to country to attend their seminars and meetings. They provide them with best services and hospitality. They keep on improving their hotels culture, environment and services to make their customer attracted and impressed. Hilton worldwide is a market leader in hospitality, sustainability, travel, and tourism and business sector. They are grabbing the attention of their audience by updating photos of every event that held in there on social media. This thing helps them to stay in touch with their audience. More over they attract people by their magazines and latest updates on face book and via emails to some regular customers (Hilton Caribbean 2013). Strategy: The PR CP assured Communications Strategy Hilton W orldwide had a voice in all targeted areas and relevant markets for the Organization's goals and mission statement. The main campaign for Hilton Worldwide Australasia was based around the leadership of thought and raises the profile of the Organization and its main spokesman. Hilton Worldwide could not be positioned as "just another brand of luxury hotel" instead; CP Communications has developed a strategy which focuses on the "behind the scenes of the development of business and HR of Hilton Worldwide practices as well as the sector of the luxury target, travel and hospitality. Media strategy focused on shedding light on Hilton Worldwide Australasia made differently from the other brands of hotels, to raise awareness on key questions, issues and changes that occur with the industry and introduced Hilton Worldwide as a leader of opinion and change agent to these key discussion topics. This strategy has been chosen to achieve a wider network of customers - and not only luxury, hospit ality and travel business, but, HR, customer service and the MICE sector sustainability. The public relations for Hilton Worldwide Australasia strategy involved running tactics of traditional public relations, including press releases, interviews, and the possibilities of expression. Causes and effects: Hilton worldwide is one of the most expensive hotel and its charges are increasing in nights (Hiltonworldwide.sc.hodesdigital.com 2013. This is no good for the clients and for the hotel itself. Household finances are also increasing so they will prefer to fulfill their basic necessities instead of spending in such an expensive hotel. They might buy their own farm house to spend vocation instead spending money in hotel in every vocations. Unemployment level is also increasing are more people are interested to be a part of hospitality industry. Recommendation: Hilton worldwide is doing its job very perfectly and efficiently handling its services. It in so many different countries but s till manages to maintain the quality of services and products. If we compare Hilton worldwide expenses and charges they are much higher than other five and seven star hotels. But if we look at the experience differentiation than there is no comparison of their hotel and living experience over there. Spending money in a place like Hilton worldwide seems worthwhile. Predictions: Research shows that Hilton Worldwide will be the market leader in the hospitality indus

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