Saturday, October 5, 2019

Critical Thinking and Persuasion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 3

Critical Thinking and Persuasion - Essay Example The social components imply a positive atmosphere between the internal environment and the surrounding communities. There needs to be a plan to reposition the company as that which respects the rule of law and operates in an ethical manner. The source of marine life in Sea World could be a center of controversy. The firm faces a reduced number of visitors on grounds that the unscrupulous manner in which sea creatures are sourced in the move could have an ethical impact to the customers. People may tend associate the park business to the illegal nature of the acquiring sea animal are acquired. The deaths that are associated to the killer Whale in the move depict the aquatic business as one, which has on respect to human life. The company is faced by a challenge of maintaining its competitive advantage and at the same time market itself as a firm that consider ethics in its operations23. The firm faces reduced earnings caused by low customer turnout. The major component is marketing. Besides customer satisfaction, a firm needs to operate in an ethical manner. The board of directors needs to release a press briefing distancing itself from any allegation depicted in the documentary. The board of directors needs to acknowledge the core value of the firm and needs to approve strategies that work on ethics and other moral issues. The boards need to approve a budget that would be channeled into marketing. The firm needs to market its policies and its legitimate means of operations. The aim should be to develop a marketing plan that focus on pubic relation and focus on increasing the number of customers 3. A statement to shareholders needs to highlight the core objectives of the firm. The firm also needs to reposition itself as one that respects the rule of law. Following the highly publicized documentary, the board of directors noted a concern the future

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