Saturday, October 19, 2019

Is a Computer playing chess using 'brute force' unbeatable Essay

Is a Computer playing chess using 'brute force' unbeatable - Essay Example The computer intelligence and cognition is simply based on the several moves that are stored in its memory. It goes through all the possible moves and chooses the one with the best probability (Razmov V (2010)). The brute force method also tended to have a non evaluative advantage over and above the chess master Garry Kasporov. Human mind cannot record and evaluate all the possible moves in a given situation as it doesn’t have that much retaining capacity. However, after Garry Kasporov defeated the chess player Deep Blue, they refused for a re-match because they feared that Garry had understood their algorithm codes and approaches (Feng-Hsiung, H., 2006, p. 51). They did not want the world to believe that Deep Blue actually has no cognitive power or intelligence except for its highly fast processing power. Thus, the brute force method does not use any artificial intelligence or cognitive powers; it simply is a fast processing and evaluating method used by the computer chess player. It thus looks possible and realistic as Garry Kaporov was able to break the code of the computer and win against it. Chess News (no date)  Nettavisen: We have tested the worlds best chess program  [Online]. Available at:  (Accessed on 10

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