Thursday, October 17, 2019

Descartes Discourse on the Thinking and Existence Essay

Descartes Discourse on the Thinking and Existence - Essay Example Descartes goes ahead to explore the origin of the human thinking ability in order to justify the perfection of knowing than doubting. He explains that by doubting we get to come up with explanations that lead to knowing. This leads him to the conclusion that the ideas of the imaginable things exist within him, but they do not originate from him, rather they are imposed on him by a more perfect being than him (God). The incorporation of Descartes existence with God is quite convincing. He argues that since he knew more than what actually existed in his conscience, then it meant the extra knowledge was derived from an external source. If the external source did not exist, it should mean that he could not have been the way he was; mortal, changing, finite and impotent. God according to him added unto him the perfection that he needed to erase doubt from his mind. So one’s nature will allow him/her to know as much of God’s nature as he/she could. Descartes in his quest to discover more about himself ends up proving that God exists. I agree with him because he clearly outlines man’s imperfections, thus looks up to God for guidance in almost everything. However, a person’s thinking limits them within a very short scope of imagination that they end up not questioning what they think is true. We are so much rooted in our cultures and superstitions until we are rendered intellectually impaired.  

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